If there were ever a cure for gayness, we have just the girl for you. Meet Chelsea Heath (photos below), the hot southern California girl who was caught sucking face with Calvin Klein’s boyfriend. Nick Gruber is his name, and bisexual is now his game. And who can blame him for switching sides when the other team has a batter like her?

Photo: Chelsea Heath

The two love birds were caught smooching on a beach at Marina del Rey, which is just west of Los Angeles, California. They were appropriately dressed for the occasion, he in a a designer muscle man t-shirt, and she in a string bikini. We are told that he is an ex-porn star for the gay side, which makes his new hetero treachery even the more outrageous. But enough about him, let’s talk about her.

Biography: Chelsea Heath is 22 years old and currently residing in posh Beverly Hills California on Sunset Blvd according to her Facebook page which you can find here. She is an accomplished lingerie model and product spokes-model who has several music videos to her credits as well. She is an exceptional dancer and we have to say her bodypaint photos are artistically awesome.

She is a petite young woman so let’s go right to her assets. Chelsea’s measurements are a miniscule 32-24-30, while she stands 5’6″ tall and weights a feathery 105 pounds. All of this information is from her modeling profile which you can find here. We see her blond there, but she is currently galavanting around town in her swimsuit as a brunette, which appears to be her natural hair color. Her eyes are hazel, which means they switch teams just like her boyfriend.

Miss Heath’s Twitter page is awesome but for a woman of her talents she could use a few more than one thousand followers. You can follow her here and say hi from Right Entertainment.

Chelsea is the face of a lingerie line by JT Intimates, and is a makeup model for BH Cosmetics, which has a cool YouTube video you can watch here. Much more fun, you can see Chelsea Heath dancing and getting her grove on with a chick in the video below. She is the brunette just in case you could not make up your mind. So watch it and blow up her pictures as well.

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