July 2012 is turning out to be a magnificent month for celebrity babies so let us continue turning our website into a virtual nursery by congratulating model Lacey Buchanan Owen (photos below). She is a stunningly beautiful young mother to be, formerly known as Lacey Faye Buchanan, who is filling the maternal role perfectly as singer Jake Owen’s wife.

Photo: Lacey Buchanan Owen

He of course is the devilishly handsome singer perhaps best known for the smash hit song Barefoot Blue Jean Night. We could have easily put that video below but chose a different one much more appropriate to his wifely concerns, who by the way is much younger than he is, but not grossly so in a robbing the cradle sort of way.

Biography: Lacey Buchanan Owen will be just 22 years old in August and already expecting her first baby. They were married in May 2012 so our hanky panky math radar tells us that she was knocked up before the wedding and even before they were engaged. He confirmed the naughty truth in a recent interview with People magazine: “We actually found out Lacey was pregnant after I had asked her dad for his permission.”

Really he asked dad? How wonderfully old fashioned and gentlemanly, which makes us appreciate the lucky guy all the more. But we bet he didn’t ask permission for the sex. By the way her ultrasound confirmed a baby daughter. They were both expecting a baby boy because of some obsession he has with Chinese birthing calendars, but they are indeed ecstatic to have a baby girl instead.

Lacey Faye Buchanan was born August 7th 1991 so she is just 21 years old today. She is a gorgeous model and aspiring actress based in Florida who does not use social media as much as most young hotties. You can find her Twitter page here where you can see that she oozes sexuality. What a lucky guy is her hubby!

He says on his Twitter page that the baby news is the best day of his life, and in fact he is inviting all 200,000 of his followers to the movie theater in Nashville as his treat on July 2nd, 2012. LOL, where is my plane ticket?

She has a Facebook personal page here and also has a Facebook fan page set up over here but it is pretty bare and we an unclear what affiliation she has with it if any. What her fans are really clamoring for more are pictures. We have a gallery below and some more really great photos of Lacey are here where she is modeling lingerie, see through blouses and sexy jeans.

We are trying to find Lacey’s measurements but her modeling profile is hard to find for some reason. We do know that she is naturally a brunette and her eyes are gorgeous with an unusual shade of light brown. She is absolutely stunning.

How she met her future husband is already the stuff of legend. Lacey was hired as a model to perform in a music video for another of his hit songs, “Eight Second Ride.” She was dressed to kill in steamy leather in that video, sauntering into a bar looking for a cowboy for the night. Instead of only collecting a paycheck, Lacey Buchanan sauntered into the singer’s bed and later collected a husband.

In a true touch of romanticism commingled with work, her resourceful husband actually proposed to her on stage at one of his concerts. You can see the awesome video of that occasion below and relive the moment just as she will be able to relive it over and over again thanks to YouTube. The wedding proposal video was made during a concert in his hometown of Vero Beach, Florida, while singing “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You.” How cool is that?

More pictures of Lacey Buchanan Owen are below. Now on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Jake Owen’s wife. Is she not a perfect 10?

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Video: Jake Owen’s Wedding Proposal Onstage!