Congratulations are in order as we finally have some good news during a month of scandal. Nate Yetton is the lucky father of Joy Williams’s baby, the saucy singer from the Civil Wars duo group who looked as good pregnant as any woman in history.

Photo: Nate Yetton

Yes he is indeed lucky in more ways that one. She could have trademarked a new acronym – PMILF – for pregnant-you-know-what, but Nate Yetton’s wife is just too darn nice to think about her in those terms. We are just glad they get it on enough to produce children now, and we hope for his sake there are several more in their future.

The baby boy is named Miles Alexander, and the little fella was born in Nashville, Tennessee on June 30th. We are sure that dad has already bought a first-rate baseball glove and (of course) his first guitar. With our babies we applied the Mozart method to raising our boys in a music tradition by playing music during pregnancy. It is proven to be good for mathematics skills and future musical talent but with such a talented mommy, he will undoubtedly take to music without going to such comical lengths.

Joy’s Twitter page is gushing with mommy awe such as in the following delirious tweets:
“Now I really know what love at first sight means after meeting my son, Miles Alexander. Born yesterday, all happy and healthy. xo”


“Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes about Miles’ arrival. Deliriously happy.”

Aww. Isn’t that just too sweet? But enough about her and the baby. We wanted to learn more about Joy Williams’ husband so let’s turn our attention to our latest conquering hero of fatherhood, Nate Yetton.

Biography: Nate Yetton is the co-owner of a company he formed called “Sensibility Music LLC” which primarily manages his wife’s band, the awesome Civil Wars, but also Lesands and her mysterious bearded band mate, John Paul White. The company was established just five years ago in 2008 and is based in East Nashville where the couple live with their cutest little baby boy.

He has a long history in the music business, previously managing at the EMI CMG music label group, and as a marketing manager for INO Records. He attended two colleges on his official resume, Middle Tennessee State University and Dallas Baptist University. You can read more about his professional profile here.

Nate has a Facebook page right here which unfortunately contains nothing personal that would interest their fans much but it does have an interesting quote if you look at the info page there. Adele is one of his favorite performers, which is a bit of a yawner since she is so overexposed. More cool is Nate’s appreciation for a relatively unknown band called Belle Histoire.

Lastly please check out Nate Yetton’s Twitter page which you can find here because he too has taken to social media to celebrate the wee little one.

“I’m in love with my son, Miles Alexander. He’s absolutely beautiful! In awe of him and his mama. I’m such a lucky guy.”

Yes you are. We already knew that when she said “I do.”

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