Some NFL boys like to party a little, while some like to party a lot. And then there is Rob Gronkowski who is rapidly become the pace car for bedding gorgeous women like Meredith Pineapples (photos below). Gronk as he is known to fans is a conquering giant among men.

Photo: Meredith Pineapples

Photo gallery below.

We cannot say they did it for sure, but seems that Miss Pineapples at least wants everyone in the world to think so. And who can blame her? He is just about the sexiest most desirable man in uniform. And for her part she has a rocking body that is worthy of his attentions.

But we cannot even say she is Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend with a straight face. He has been collecting women in bed lately, like a coin collector jumps on state quarters, so who can say this is more than a one night stand if they did it at all? Obviously we all want to think so.

Meredith began tweeting about their hookup early in the evening on June 28th and continued into the morning with the most satisfying tweet ever gasped on Twitter. You can read the thread on her LaPinaColada Twitter page right here but we simply cannot resist recapping the salient points.

1. “hot tubbing with some NFL boys”
(where she posted the provocative picture of her with a girlfriend in a bikini.)

2. “Rob Gronkowski and I…. now off to party!”
(with another picture of her and Gronk together. We have to say at this point that only a confident woman will go bare legged in a skirt that short.)

3. “IN our hotel MGM Grand, 24th Floor.”
(another picture of her hot brunette friend.)

4. “a night with gronks.”
(really? how nice. )

5. “gronks says my ass is sooooo fine.”
(And he is always truthful. By the way this is the last tweet until fully eleven hours later, leaving her poor fans wondering what could have possibly happened in all that time.)

6. “Life is good.”
(our morning after tweet. how lucky for both of them.)

Meredith then linked this article apparently containing pictures of the two lovebirds in bed, written by a guy at the Bar Stool Sports who is marveling that he sexed up his employee. Interesting.

All we know of Meredith Pineapples’s biography is that she is currently living in Massachusetts after attending college at the University of Vermont. Her name appears to be a pseudo because there are no public records for anyone with her very delightful name anywhere on the internet. Moe pictures can be found below and here and here.

Meridith is naturally blond with gorgeous green eyes, and her measurements are on the other side of heaven. She needs to be modeling so get on it girl. If you know more about Gronk’s girlfriend for the night let us know so our readers can feel better informed. We do know that she has done a very entertainment music video which you will agree after seeing below.

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