Sometimes stories make us laugh or cry, while others make us mad. Here is the upsetting story of Brandi Baumgardner (photos below), a Pennsylvania mother who allegedly hooked her teenage daughter on drugs and even went so far as to inject her with heroine when she was too wasted to do it herself.

Photo: Brandi Baumgardner

The allegations come to us in a media report from a local online publication focused on Pennsylvania happenings such as the Jerry Sandusky trial. They say that the mom from Beaver Springs PA, has been charged with drug crimes which contributed to the delinquency of her 14-year old minor child.

Brandi Baumgardner is 38-years old currently living in Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania, and a local girl who graduated from West Snyder High School there. She is the pretty blond woman with freckles in the picture. Brandi has two kids including a boy who is now 20, and the girl in question who is now 16. She also has three dogs that she adores. On her Facebook page she says that “I love to spend time with my kids. They are my world! My dogs are are everything to me.”

The teenage girl who is obviously not being named had reportedly entered a drug rehab facility called Clear Vision, located nearby in the town of Montgomery. There during her treatment she made the allegations against Ms. Baumgardner and an acquaintance of her named Robert Thomas Hannick. His relationship to the mother is unclear, but she says also that he supplied drugs to her in exchange for sex. Brandi is still Facebook friends with her daughter, but neither are friends with the biological father (he is not Hannic).

As required by law, the facility then notified the authorities about her allegations, and both of them have been arrested for corrupting a minor in her case, and sexual assault of a minor in his case. You can read the report here which includes comments from the facility’s staff and investigators in the case.

Brandi Baumgardner’s daughter from all public appearances seems like a normal teenage girl. But she has lots of friends her own age, a boyfriend, loves pop music, and likes to talk about her favorite celebrities. She watches the television shows young people watch, and she is obsessed with all things Justin Bieber just like most girls her age.

Indeed she could be anyone’s daughter, which goes to show you that you can never truly tell what is going on inside a person. And yet if her story is to be believed she has been through more than any woman should ever go through in a lifetime. We hope that she recovers and has a wonderful life because most of it is ahead of her.

It is also important to note that these are just allegations at this point. There are always two sides to every story and we know that Hannick has denied the charges and we also know that sometimes troubled kids do make things up.

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