Make love, not war. That is the beautiful expression that may someday be the essence of world peace, but Sheherazad ‘Sherry’ Jaafari (photos below) has become a poster child for both as Syria’s Kim Kardashian. She is the hot debutante and Syrian Ambassador’s daughter who was helping the Syrian regime stay in power during their bloody crackdown by accepting a communication job with dictator Bashar Assad, while at the same time reportedly having a flirtatious relationship with him.

Photo: Sheherazad Jaafari with Assad

Her role in the government, albeit brief, has prompted calls for her admission to Columbia University to be rescinded. She was admitted to the university with a ton of help from her family friend, Barbara Walters. The dean of the school admitted recently that her acceptance into the school was not based on grades or achievement, but supplemental information supplied by outsiders, supposedly Baba and perhaps others.

British newspapers are reporting that Sherry Jaafari sent lovestruck emails to Assad, one of them to an adviser asking him to pass on a message: “I love him so so so much and that I miss him.” You can read those reports and the college controversy here.

Biography: Sheherazad Jaafari is the daughter of Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Al-Jaafari. You can tell in the picture below that she is a daddy’s girl. Sherry speaks five languages of which two are Syrian and English, and we can guess the other three are romance languages best whispered in the ears of her lovers. She is 22 years old and currently living in New York City.

Miss Jaafari made a controversial decision to go back to Syria in 2011 when she was only 21 years old to work for the Syrian government because (she says) she saw her country in need. “Any ambitious American girl would do the same thing I did. You get an interesting offer, you challenge yourself and you go for it. I’m too young for this. I don’t want to be a victim or the scapegoat. I’m a very simple girl and I don’t want to pay the price just because my father is the ambassador.”

She returned to the US in December 2011 reportedly looking for help from her old friend. She asked for a job at ABC, but was declined, but her new best friend Baba reportedly tried to get her a job at CNN and contacted a very well placed person at Columbia which helped get her admitted to college. She has since apologized for a conflict of interest.

We are unable to find a Facebook page for anyone by the name of Sheherazad Jaafari, or under her nickname Sherry Jaafari. That is too bad because we would love to tell you more about this gorgeous debutante who appears to have sided on the wrong side of history and is now paying an enormous price in her reputation and future. At least she is young with an entire lifetime to rebound.

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