Normally the only controversy surrounding science teachers is the extent to which they will allow creationism in their classrooms when the subject of evolution is taught. Irene Isabel Khan (photos below) is one Florida teacher who stands accused of giving personal lessons in the birds and the bees to her students. No babies have been created as a result of these alleged forbidden liaisons as far as we know, and we also have to note that she is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Photo: Irene Khan (left)

The 32-year old cutie is accused of having sex with her 14-year old student, a boy who is undoubtedly high fiving all of his friends right now. And yes, if you want to know where I come down on these relationships I’m totally for the double standard between teenage boys and girls. All dudes want sex beginning at an early age, and conquering a teacher would be the ultimate in bravado for a teen. But fourteen years old? Maybe that is too young to deal with it. He would be a Freshman in high school but at least he can’t get pregnant.

Police in West Melbourne, Florida say that Irene Khan has sex with her student in “several” hotels and even in the back seat of her car in a throwback to cheesy 1950s movies. The relationship lasted almost a year just ending in January 2012. That was quite a ride for the young man, so hopefully he isn’t psychologically damaged. I very much doubt it unless the psychologists get their hands on him.

According to police, “We brought the victim in and questioned him and corroborated much of his story. The sexual battery occurred several times. The victim had a cellphone. His mother took it away from him and the suspect bought him a telephone and gave it to him.” You can read an account here.

Irene Khan is a science teacher at Imagine School in West Melbourne, Florida, which is located in Brevard County. You can see her mugshot and other photos below. We don’t know anything else about her personal biography so any help from publicly available records would be appreciated from our readers.

She teaches for the time being at one of the Imagine Schools, which is a chain of 75 public charter schools that are privately operated but use federal money. This story won’t be a good thing for the charter school movement although the incidents of such hanky panky in public schools is far greater. In fact, given that Irene is no longer listed in the staff directory at her school tells us that private schools can deal with these situations much more efficiently than the unionized public schools.

What do our readers thing about Irene Isabel Khan, double standards between boys and girls, and the whole teacher sex wave that seems to be a public epidemic this year.

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