Those of us who love the old mob movies took notice today of the latest news from the underworld. The main character in that great Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas passed away from natural causes, and what is most remarkable about it is that he lived so long after turning into an informant for the FBI. He even had a girlfriend. Lisa Caserta is her name so we wanted to tell you more about her.

Photo: Lisa Caserta

He was the unforgettable character played brilliantly by Ray Liotta in the 1990 film, well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before. Growing up as an unassuming young man, he entered the mafia when some members befriended him in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood and worked his way up the line. He eventually decided he was going to get whacked, and entered the witness protection program with his then-wife Karen (the cute blond in the movie) and their children under the name Alex Canclin.

Karen and he divorced eventually in 1989, and then sometime later he met Lisa Caserta in the 1990s. She was with him when he died on June 12, 2012, and she was reportedly his fiance expecting to get married soon.

Biography: Lisa Caserta lived with Henry in their Malibu home along the southern California coast. Like his mother, she is also Italian-American. On her Linkedin page, curiously deleted recently, she listed her occupation as “Event Planner/Producer/Manage Henry Hill Goodfella.” The two apparently made a business out of re-staging gangster events, which conjures up visions of those cheesy staged shootouts for tourists in old west towns.

“We have lined the most notable figures from the “Real World” of the Mob’s golden years and who were also portrayed in some of the most significant films on this subject that are indelible in the hearts and minds of film-goers world-wide.”

She has done interviews for television documentaries and radio interviews, billing herself as a mob historian. Which of course she is. I’ve always wondered what kind of woman would hang with a mobster, or ex-mobster in this case. For some women, there is an allure to danger, and for Lisa there seems to be an obsession with that lifestyle.

Henry Hill’s girlfriend has a MySpace profile which is still relevant here under the name Lisa Amore Caserta. Amore, of course, means love in the Italian language. Her last name is the same as a town in southern Italy famous for mobsters, near Naples.

Lisa Caserta owns a small automobile dealership in southern California called Malibu Cars, which trades in vintage cars. In particular she has a thing for muscle cars and sports cars from Europe, especially her heritage country of Italy. She was born on the east coast of the United States, but proudly declares herself 100% Italian.

You can see more of her in the video below where he looks a thousand years old. One of the pictures you can below up is Henry Hill’s wife Karen.

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