Can you imagine growing up idolizing an Olympic gymnast whose feats inspired you to reach for the stars? What if she turned out to be your secret sister whom your parents gave up for adoption, never recognized, and never told you about? Meet Jen Bricker, the acrobat artist with no legs who happens to be U.S. gymnastics champion Dominique Moceanu’s sister.

Photos: Jen Bricker

The story begins when Jen was one day old. She was born without any legs and her iron-fisted father pulled her out of the delivery room and handed her over to the adoption authorities at the hospital staff. Mom never held her baby and never saw her. She was pulled from the family in a flash and pushed out of her parent’s minds, only because they could not afford her medical bills. Or so her father explained much later from his death bed when he was dying from cancer.

We will never know the entire truth about why Dominique Moceanu’s sister was given away. She was erased like a sketch from a chalkboard and should never have expected to enter their lives again. But fate had other ideas. It was during the 1996 Olympics that Jen’s adoptive parents realized the impossible. They were watching her idol on television win gold for the United States gymnastics team, and realized her usual last name was the same as their daughter’s biological parents. They saw the similarities in their facial features and body build, and a little more research confirmed their suspicions.

Jen was only eight years old at the time, and her adoptive parents Sharon and Gerald Bricker decided to keep the secret from her until she was more mature. They told her on Jen’s 16th birthday which was a shock and surprise. The gymnast she had idolized since she was a little girl turned out to be her own sister. Then when she was 20, she finally got the courage to write.

“Hi Dominique, my name is Jennifer Bricker, you have been my idol my whole life and you turned out to be my sister. I realize this might be a lot for you to take in right now. Oh, by the way, I have no legs.” What an amazing story. Dominique reached back out to her and the two have been inseparable ever since.

As for her biography, Jen Bricker is remarkably like her own sister. She too excelled in gymnastics despite her handicap, even reaching the Junior Olympics. Now she works for Universal Studios in Los Angeles as a performing artist, having worked for the Disney Company since 1987. She is six years younger than Dominique and currently lives in Studio City, Los Angeles, right next to Universal Studios.

Jen grew up in Illinois with her adoptive parents graduating from Oblong High School in Oblong, Illinois, where she excelled in both gymnastics, volleyball, softball and basketball. Her parents refused to let her use the handicap as an excuse for anything, offering a good lesson for others who parent children in similar circumstances The YouTube video below tells much more about Jen’s story in her own words so enjoy it!

She is getting into modeling now and product endorsements. Her modeling profile is bubbly and entertainment, full of the joys of life. “I’m Jen, as you can see I’m not the “typical” model. I have been performing the past 4 years as an acrobat/aerialist/speaker. Since moving to L.A. I have developed an interest in fitness, hosting, acting & more modeling.” Jen’s measurements are 34-25-38, with a B cup size, beautiful brown hair and inviting brown eyes.

You can find Jen Bricker’s Facebook page right here, which includes pictures of her hunky boyfriend named Dave Henning. You go girl! She is also a product distributor for Herbalife, which makes dietary supplements for babes like her who keep toned and firmed. Jen’s Twitter page is here so follow her if you can keep up.

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