The Jersey Shore producers much be worried about their ratings in 2012, and as they say in show business any publicity is better than no publicity. So now we have Snooki’s nude photos from her cellphone that were leaked online and posted by blogs everywhere. You can see the redacted nude pictures of Snooki below and click through to the uncensored ones, but we are left asking a simple question. Did she leak the naked images herself? And are they real or fake?

Snooki Cellphone photo
Snooki Cell Phone Pics

The latest Jersey Shore scandal comes at the same time as reports that the entire cast got into a huge bar fight. What an entire cast of any show is doing in a bar is a mystery unto itself, but it also begs the obvious question. Sounds like a staged event for publicity to gin up ratings doesn’t it? And in the same vein we have to ask this about Snooki’s cellphone pictures.

What woman in her right mind takes naked photos of herself on a cellular phone while she is alone? For what purpose? She is not in a long-distance relationship where she needs to send pics off to a horny man to keep Jionni LaVelle’s interest in their relationship. Pretty much everyone she has had sex with lives in the same house, block, or neighborhood as best I can tell. So if you are going to snap nude shots of yourself, it will be with your boyfriend just to have something funny to talk about, and it will always be his idea. No girl does this just for the heck of it, whether she is respectable or not.

The leaked photos show the reality star in green nail polish, heavy eye shadow, and profusely admiring herself in the camera lens. She appears to be in a hotel bedroom and we think the snaps were taken several months ago. How do we know? Because she is not pregnant in these pictures but we know she is several months knocked up with her first baby. And if you think this is the best she will look post-pregnancy, you probably got that right.

There was some question after they were released if the pictures were fake or really Snooki. They are really Snooki’s naked photos, something that her own agent confirmed afterward. “Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public. It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain. Indeed. Does anyone else see that Snooki herself, and certainly the Jersey Shore show’s ratings, has the most to gain from leaking scandalous photos?
Andy why would her rep be so quick to confirm their legitimacy just adding oil to the fire. Did Snooki lead them herself?

We’ll let our readers ponder that question. Meanwhile, you can hunt for the uncensored photos and see way much more here and here and here. Or you can blow up the pictures below to catch a glimpse.

By the way this isn’t the first time naked pics of Snooki have hit the internet. See the video below or go right here.

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