Will this cute girl set a new fashion trend that sweeps over the world like The Bob and the mini-dress? Meet Kara Koskowich (photos below), the creative high school student from Canada who made a prom dress out of her math homework pages!

Photo: Kara Koskowich’s Math Homework High Prom Dress!

And nobody is going to tell her it was a bad idea. In fact, Kara turned what sounds like a horrible idea into something that actually looks beautiful. “I did it because Math is interesting to look at. For me I’m not a big ‘spend your money’ mold of grad who has to fit into [societal stereotypes].” And yes, she is quite good in the subject having tutored math since she was at least 13 years old.

And the dress sure didn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, it was pretty much free except for the glue and and the post-it pads that made a colorful faux-belt around her waist. So she is frugal, and in a bad economy that is a good quality in a woman. When she gets a boyfriend (don’t do it!) there will be no need to hide the wallet.

But like many high school students, Kara is a procrastinator. Although she started the math homework prom dress three months earlier in March, like most girls in the world Miss Koskowich waited until the last minute. “I finished it the night before grad and finished most of it in the last week because I’m that sort of person.”

Biography: Kara Koskowich is a 17-year old graduating high school student from the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, which is a public school south of Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta, Canada.

She is a dancer, singer, ballet artist, and Harry Potter fan. She especially loves Irish dancing, which she perfected at the Regent Academy of Irish Dance in Lethbridge when she was just 13 years old. She has also studied Ukranian dance, sung in the local choir, and studied ballet which she says offered “numerous opportunities to wear her favorite pink unitard around town.”

You can find her Facebook page right here but she is smart enough not to mess around with Twitter. Math whizzes don’t use the Twitter social media because it is a big waste of time. Everybody who is anybody in high school knows that.

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