Oh my, when the pageant is over the fun truly begins. Here is Kristen Danyal letting her hair down and her vodka bottle down even further. Miss Michigan USA is a party animal and nobody can deny it so all the internet is turning loose in support of her side now. You go girl and ignore the malcontents. Everyone knows boys will be boys, so why can’t girls be girls?

Photo: Kristen Danyal, Miss Michigan USA

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These juicy drinking pics of Miss Michigan were uncovered by the celebrity gossip site TMZ. What they are doing carousing the internet late at night for beautiful women getting themselves into all sort of trouble is a mystery. Respectable men and women are in bed late at night. Just tell that to Miss Danyal, who partied late at night after the beauty pageant was over. And who is man enough to stop her?

Biography: Kristen Danyal is originally from Utah, graduating from Utica High School in 2008. She has been a sales associate at Nordstrom’s and worked in some capacity for the Miss USA pageant itself since 2011, according to her Facebook biography page.

She is an awesome girl as you might imagine. My favorite party picture of her is with the eventual Miss USA winner, Miss Rhode Island you can see below. Chicks flexing muscles when they don’t have any is an exercise in brava that shall not be missed. By the way you can find plenty more photos of Miss Michigan on her very entertaining Twitter page right here. You can watch her eating spaghetti, hotting it up with the girls, and whatever else Miss whatevers like to do in their spare time.

Oh, and her Facebook page shall also not be missed which is located here. Peruse it in addition to her official Miss Michigan page where she strikes sensual poses here. On Facebook we learn that Kristen graduated from the University of Detroit – Mercy Me Oh My campus in 2012, so this 21 year old beauty is a recent college grad. And you know what happens on grad nights. Plenty of drinking.

Miss Danyal is a good Catholic girl which means she can do just about anything and get away with it, just as long as she confesses to this. My advice to any man is marry a Catholic girl. They keep you warm in bed and faithfully support your every passionate need, but of course you have to put up with the nagging and guilt trips but that is only fair in love and war.

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Video: Kristen Danyal