After Canadian actress Holly DeVeaux quit the jinxed role, desperate casting agents scoured acting profiles to find an actress who would step forward to play the most hated mother in the world. To her professional credit, actress Virginia Welch agreed to play Casey Anthony in the upcoming made for television movie.

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The role is a risky one for any actress to undertake because of the proximity to recent events. Viewers will watch with seething hatred as Virginia portrays the hated character, and the worry is that such resentment can rub off on potential roles in the future as she becomes synonymous and typecast with the disparaged real life figure. For an actress it is much safer to wait a generation for these portrayals of villainous characters. The role of Lizzy Borden comes to mind, which was brilliantly done by Elizabeth Montgomery decades after the crime of the century which shook the nation.

We will never know the real reason that Holly DeVeaux backed away from the project. The producers of the film are passing off the decision as a mutual one but there is always more to these intriguing casting changes than meets the eye and this may just be a case of Holly making a safe choice. You can read what People magazine has uncovered here, but we are moving on with the show in the interest of telling you more about this brave actress, Virginia Welch, who on first impressions is a Casey Anthony lookalike.

And yes, I know full well that such a comparison is an affront to our sensibilities. But at her core, Casey Anthony is a sultry, seductive sex kitten whose sexual power is one of the reasons we were so captivated by her sensational story. It is the alleged crime itself which renders this femme fatale a dark character, and her frivolous lifestyle of partying and dating which angered the public while her innocent child went missing.

In that latter sense, Virginia Welch is clearly no Casey Anthony at the deepest, visceral level of our inner mojo. She is the same sultry, seductive sex kitten whose sexual power screams for us to bed her if we can possibly manage the seduction. And yet, the dark soul is absent as this actress is full of the joys of life that Miss Anthony’s persona is devoid.

Biography: Virginia Welch graduated from Bowie High School in Austin, Texas in 2003. Five years later she graduated with multiple degrees from the prestigious University of Hartford in Connecticut, focusing on the strange combination of stage acting and psychology. Along the way she groomed her passion for the theatrical arts, taking up modeling while toning her acting skills at the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan where she obtained an acting certificate.

It is her southern roots in Texas which grounds this actress in our cultural reality. Her favorite quote is from “granny” which she proudly displays on her Facebook page you can find here. “Well I’m sitting on the back porch in the dark with the shotgun, having a glass of wine, waiting to get this damned armadillo!” No kidding. Granny really said that because the matriarchs think that way in Texas.

Miss Welch was born August 24th, 1988 which means this sultry actress will turn 25 later this summer. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, which is a base to explore her modeling and acting potential, but you cannot take southern out of the girl. The first thing on her modeling profile you can read here is that Miss Welch is a “Texas girl livin’ in Los Angeles.”

As for her physical assets, Virginia is 5’7″ tall and weights 130 pounds. When I look at modeling profiles, I usually laugh when I can tell that pretentious pussycat babes shave ten pounds off their weight, add two inches to their chest and subtract two more from their hips. Not so for Virginia Welch. Her measurements are a believable 34-28-38, with a cup size B. Nobody is watching though, because her gorgeous brown hair and matching green eyes with seductive body art tattoos (see photos) will freeze any man’s gaze in his tracks.

Virginia Welch’s official Twitter page is located here which is unfathomably lonely with only 66 followers and counting. Put this versatile woman on your radar and let’s all wish her the best in her career as she takes on a most challenging acting role.

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