Have you ever heard of a beautiful woman from the land of sheep in New Zealand? Apparently the locals haven’t either. After crowning Avianca Bohm (photos below) the winner of the Miss New Zealand Universe beauty pageant as part of the Miss World competition, it was discovered that the most beautiful woman in New Zealand is actually a citizen of South Africa and was apparently not eligible for the event.

Photo: Avianca Bohm

Back to the drawing board, so we can hope that a Kiwi beauty can be found to take her place as we continue our recent coverage of scandalized beauty pageants worldwide. Or not. She has applied for citizenship and can retain the crown, we are told, if the thing is put on fast track. If that plan falls though, the almost equally beautiful Talia Bennett will take her place as the first runner up. She is Miss North Harbour, we are told.

Biography: Avianca Böhm was born in Pretoria, South Africa and makes no secret of that fact. It’s not like she tried to hide her birthplace as her Facebook page announces the inconvenient secret right here. Her family migrated to New Zealand when she was fifteen years old and resides in the capital city of Auckland which was ravaged by earthquake last year.

If my math is right, that means the 22-year old hottie has been in the country for seven years running which has been just long enough to climb up the beauty pageant food chain. One of her first pageants was the Miss Howick East Auckland competition in 2009 when she was 19 years old and she finished in second place that time. After finally winning the latest running, her quest for greatness in the field of hotness culminated last weekend with her crowning of Miss New Zealand – Universe. And that is quite an achievement for the blonde beauty.

You can find her modeling profile right here which describes her fashion gigs and other interesting work in the trade. Miss Bohm appeared in PCNZ magazine and has been a runway model for fashion lines by Annah Stretton, Black sheep, Michelle Yvette, C-bon, and Petrena Miller. And she had brief roles on television in the shows Shortland Street and Go Girls.

Avianca’s measurements are 31-26-32 which is why she only weighs 116 pounds while standing 5’9″ tall. What a skinny rail (in a cute, attractive, model-y sort of way) on a catwalk! Her hair is naturally blond with gorgeous blue eyes and fair skin, all fitting into a size 6 (European) dress.

Although she can make a living with her gorgeous body, the aspiring model is also using her brain to create a fallback plan. Miss Böhm graduated with a degree in fashion design from the prestigious New Zealand Institute of Fashion. But despite that degree she really expects to be an accountant someday. Learning to keep books might help her keep track of her citizenship application.

You can read about the controversy here. Meanwhile one wonders what evil thoughts are going through Talia Bennett’s head. She may just become the new Miss New Zealand as the runner-up if Avianca Bohm has to abdicate her crown before the final Miss Universe competition later this year. Or the agony of it all!

Right Entertainment reached out to Miss Bohm for comment on this story.

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