Is she spouting sour grapes or revealing a blockbuster scandal story that will rock the Miss USA pageant to its knees? Sheena Monnin (photos below) resigned as Miss Pennsylvania amid allegations that the results are rigged in a cheating scandal that brings unwelcome publicity to the beauty pageant competition.

Photo: Sheena Monnin

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Sheena says that one of her co-contestants saw a list of the final five girls before the show had started. The unnamed contestant recited the list to Miss Monnin before the pageant and turned out she was spot on correct. That was enough for her to quit as the reigning Miss Pennsylvania, not that the title has any use to her now that she lost the final pageant.

Her allegations are creating a firestorm of controversy from those who both oppose her and support her. A typical reaction from a fan on her Facebook page is as follows: “Thanks for standing up to ole Donald Trump…your grace and beauty and honestly say it all. They best of luck to you, sweet girl.”

Biography: Sheena Monnin was born February 20th, 1985, which means that she just turned 27 years old this year. Yes, she is on the senior citizen side of 20 for a beauty contestant which shows you that she has true beauty that will last her entire lifetime. She is from Cranberry Township in the great state of PA, as you might have guessed.

Sheena is a smarty pants as you can see in the video below in which she discusses classical literature. She is well versed in literature and public speaking etiquette. She joined the toastmasters group and steadily worked her way through the program to become an expert in self-presentation. You won’t find her saying uh and umm when responding to questions, which makes her allegation sound all that more credible. One of her favorite quotes is by musical conductor Leonard Bernstein: “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

Miss Monnin has a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix in Pennsylvania, which is a commuter school normally known for business disciplines. She plans to obtain a PhD in theology. Holy cow, you go girl! She is just as comfortable in a bikini swimsuit as she is quoting scripture or the giants of literature and western culture.

She uses her public speaking skill to help children throughout the eastern seaboard as you can see here. She has been a teacher, writer and mentor to young people for many years after graduating from the American School of Protocol in 2003. Sheena is deeply religious and a self-described conservative politically. That will make her a hero or goat for cable news channels as they get their arms around this story. You can find her Facebook page here on which she quotes John 3:16 and her Twitter page in social media here.

For their part, the Miss USA pageant vehemently denies the charge of pageant fixing. They say that Miss Pennsylvania’s resignation letter says that Sheena quit because she is opposed to allowing transgender contestants to compete with legitimate God-manufactured women. Who knows the truth?

We leave it up to our readers to state their opinions as we review her photos. Is the Miss USA pageant fixed or is Sheena Monnin just a sore loser?

Update: Sheena lost her lawsuit with Donald Trump after it went to arbitration. He was awarded $5 million dollars in a story you can read here.

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Video: Miss Pennsylvania USA (interview)