The plot thickens and gets juicier by the day as we get wind of a new gay lover for the beleaguered Hollywood superstar. Doug Gotterba (photos below via link) reportedly had a six year affair as John Travolta’s lover thirty years ago and the report has corroboration by inside sources who were close to the megastar and even worked for him.


The details are contained in a National Enquirer story which will hit newsstands on Friday like a ton of bricks, supposedly blowing the lid open on John’s secret life as a gay Hollywood icon. His very own secretary at the time, a woman named Joan Edwards, confirmed the relationship to the tabloid if she is to be believed.

“I did everything for him, including taking care of his personal and professional schedules. Of course I knew he was gay. It never bothered me. That’s how I met Doug [Gotterba]. We both worked for John at the same time. Doug is a wonderful guy and we are still good friends. He told me that John was gay and they had a sexual relationship.”

Personally I’m tired of all these stories. If the actor really is gay, just come out of the closet and get it over with. Nobody will care that much and he will be a hero to many in the alternative lifestyles communities. Yes, some of the things he is accused of by those masseuses are icky to say the least. Picturing John thrusting himself onto others sort of destroys the image of a viral leading man. I suppose we want our icons to be pursued lustfully by groupies rather than the other way around.

Anyway back to Doug Gotterba whose subsequent boyfriend was named Robert Britz according to the reports. Granted he doesn’t have a firsthand clue what transpired between his boyfriend and the actor in bed, but he does confirm that they discussed their prior relationship in detail. You can read more here.

“Doug told me right at the beginning of our relationship that he’d had a homosexual relationship with [the actor] in the 1980s. Doug said John was constantly grabbing at his genital area, but he put up with the sexual advances because working for him was ‘lucrative.'” He even says that he saw a video tape of the two men in bed together, not a sex tape mind you but a tape with food. Go figure what turns people on.

Mr. Gotterba apparently runs a company called Santa Barbara Executive Jet in Camarillo, California, which is near where he now lives on the beautiful southern California coast. It is a private charter jet company that has been in business for 15 years and has a few employees including other pilots who fly celebrities and other VIPs all over the world at their whim and desire. Read about it here.

He has an old MySpace page here which was never developed so there is nothing there worth seeing. What looks like his Facebook page is more interesting which you could find earlier to see his pictures but it has since been removed. Doug has absolutely the coolest cat car you have ever seen. The lucky guy gets to blow down the California freeways in a convertible when he can’t be flying.

Right Entertainment reached out to Doug for comment and to confirm the relationship.


Update 1: Doug is reportedly writing a kiss-and-tell all book about the relationship, but thus far he is keeping mum to the media. All we know about their relationship is that he was John’s pilot in the 1980s, and that his secretary and another good friend of Doug say they were lovers in a six year affair.

Update 2: Doug Gotterba has finally gone public in a story you can read here. There are private photos of the two together and all sorts of details. He says that they were lovers between 1981 and 1986 and that there is a sex tape.