Update: Myla Sinanaj is not pregnant!

She is tanned, toned, and bootylicious with long jet black hair and a rack the size of a full court press. Sound familiar? Fatmire Sinanaj (photos below) is a Kim Kardashian lookalike who is now doubling down as Kris Humphries’ girlfriend according to media reports. She goes by Myla Sinanaj to her friends because no respectable girl wants to be called fat in bed.


He did not have to go far for a new girlfriend either. He says that Myla Sinanaj is an old neighbor but she does not look like the typical girl next door. Girls next door are suppose to be pretty yet wholesome and harmless at the same time, someone who will remember your mom on mother’s day and do her volunteer hours at the local church. Fatmire is sexy and hot, just like Kris Humphries’ girlfriend before who became his beloved wife for a few short months. You know the one.

Biography: Miss Sinanaj works in New York City in the hotel business, apparently as a concierge or a similar occupation responsible for meeting the important needs of guests. She is registered on an online talent site as a “dancer” so she is apparently a sensual woman with many talents. She also has the most hilarious online resume you can read here. Not really a resume at all, but a statement to stalkers. This girl has spunk!

She is now 25 years old after graduating from Ellenville High School in New York. She looks terrific in a swimsuit by the way, which you can see in the photos below and the paparazzi pics that were snapped of the new WAG in a bikini. She use to give dating advice as “Angel of Promise” on an online site you can read here. She gave the right answer to this question: “Would you choose a rich guy cuz he has money or someone you were happy poor with?”

“Without a second thought the happy poor guy!!!! I’m a hopeless romantic. The man I end up with is going to have it too easy because little things said or done, even the gentlest kiss, means more than anything to me. Money doesn’t hold you at night or wipe your tears away.” Aww how sweet is that?

In social media, Myla has a MySpace page over here which is only viewable to friends. That tells me she has been socializing for a long time because nobody, but nobody still uses MySpace. In fact Miss Sinanaj doesn’t either anymore. Her Facebook page is here.

The couple have been reportedly dating since January 2012 but when he was asked about it Kris said they are just friends. They are supposedly hooking up at basketball games and going for romantic getaways at beach resorts where the two were photographed together for the first time last week. His denial may have something to do with the impending divorce proceedings against Kris which are getting nasty. Who is to say? Come to think of it, were they not still married in January? Read the story here.

What everyone can say is that the basketball star has a winner in Myla Sinanaj. The brand spanking new Kris Humphries’ girlfriend is hot in her own very curvy way, and you know it. Just don’t call her Fatmire Sinanaj in bed.

Right Entertainment reached out to Myla for confirmation and comment. We would love to interview her.


Update: The plot is thickening as Myla Sinanaj and Kris’ lawyers are reportedly going at it. She claims to have damaging text messages and emails about their relationship that could damage the baller’s reputation (and perhaps is wallet) in his ongoing divorce settlement with you know who. Gossip sites are wondering if a sexual relationship may have begun while he was still married which would just kill him in divorce court. Stay tuned.

Another: Myla Sinanaj is not pregnant with Kris Humphries’s love child. That should not be news but she sent messages around a week ago leading everyone to believe so. Now we hear that it is not true, so go figure.


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