Check out the latest celebrity news we heard about a hot Hollywood actor! 90210 actor Matt Lander is ready to walk the aisle along with his beautiful girlfriend (now fiancé) Angela Stacy. Have you seen her? She is dreamy and they for sure make a beautiful couple, so let me tell you more about the wifely bride to be.

Photo: Angela Stacy.

29 year-old Matt portrays Liam Court in the CW’s series Beverly Hills 90210. He also showed off his funny side in the Twilight spoof film Vampires Suck. His next role in real life will be as the groom in his upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend Angela, although no wedding date has been set. We heard the couple got engaged last week during their trip to Paris. You can read about that here.

Want to know about Angela?

This sweet 27 year-old girl from Ohio is the one with a 4.2-carat diamond on her finger. I heard she is one of the kindest, down to earth people in the world, not to mention that she is utterly beautiful. She was born Angela Nicole Stacy on December 7, 1984 in Akron, Ohio to her mom and dad, Laura and Stanley Stacy. We believe that she went to Mogadore Christian Academy in Akron.

Ms. Stacy describes herself as a girl who loves Jesus, with a serious thing for fashion. She feels blessed to be dating her best friend and love of her life. Awwww!!!

May I add something to that? By looking at Angela’s pics on Twitter I would said that she also has a sweet tooth, likes rare yet awesome jewelry and has the most adorable dogs. Her little puppy Aksoka is insanely cute. You can see them together in one of the pictures below. Beautiful right?

Matt Lander’s girlfriend is currently living in Studio City, California. Perhaps if you are lucky you will bump into her in the streets. You won’t miss her because she is un-be-lie-va-ble!!

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