The newest member of The Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill, is according to media sources the on-off girlfriend of musician Russ Irwin. He is a touring member of Aerosmith who released his solo Get Me Home album this year. So what’s up with her?

Photo:Carole Radziwill

The story about Carole dating the musician was first reported by the New York Post in a story you can read here. Sources close to them said they are enjoying a “long-distance, on-again, off-again relationship.” He resides in Los Angeles, while she in the Big Apple.

Mrs. Radziwill, a renowned author and reporter, was once married to Anthony Radziwill who is the son of Polish Prince Stanislaw Radziwill and his wife Lee Bouvier. He got married to Carole Ann Di Falco in 1994 and just five years earlier he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Carole took care of him until he took his last breath on August 10th. 1999. After her husband’s death she wrote two amazing books, “What Remains: A Memoir of Fate,” and “Friendship and Love.” In the latter she described her childhood, her life as a reporter for ABC News, and last but not least she opened her heart about her late husband.

The story of Mrs. Radziwill as a reporter for ABC News began in 1996 when she was an intern with no paycheck, but before that she was getting her B.A from Hunter College and MBA from New York University. Carole also worked with Peter Jennings, producing stories for 20/20. She wrote and produced a story about Nobel Prize’s winner Bobby Muller and his anti-landmine campaign in Cambodia that won her first of three Emmy awards. She left the network in 2003.

Besides joining the cast of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City, she writes a monthly column at Glamour magazine called Lunch Date. You can also find her articles on the pages of Women & Health Magazine, Bazaar and the San Francisco Chronicle. You definitely don’t want to miss Carole Radziwill’s new book “The Widows Guide to Sex & Dating”.

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