Sometimes hotel robberies are super boring affairs, but sometimes they are truly exciting. Meet Claudia Manrique, reported to be an “escort” who was tied up in a baseball player’s hotel room while he was away from bed. She is Aroldis Chapman’s girlfriend, or lady-friend, or bed-buddy, or whatever we call our squeezes these days. She is also reportedly married.

Photo: Claudia Manrique

He is nicknamed the “Cuban Missile” for a reasons, and for her it may not be because of his fastballs. Clocked once at 105 miles an hour, he has the world’s record for fastest pitch in baseball but he is only a relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds instead of a manly starter. You know all that already, and you know that he may need some relief pitching in the bedroom now where he is very manly indeed.

Claudia Manrique was found in his hotel room, tied up by a robber she says. But police questioned her for between five and ten hours about the circumstances and some blogs are speculating that is because they suspect it was an “inside job.” You can read the reporting here and a reaction here.

As for her biography, she is a 26-year old woman living in Baltimore, and originally from Colombia who can only speak Spanish so she needs a translator for questions. In bed she can perform as well as any girl, of course. The language of love does not require words for any man. She is an “escort” according to news reports which makes this case very interesting. When Aroldis first arrived from Cuba he was photographed with strippers like a grown up kid in a girly candy store. For a virile athlete, leaving a communist country is like a get out of jail free card straight to one of those green hotels on Park Place.

Back to Ms. Manrique, she reportedly told police that she has been dating Aroldis only recently and that she attended a community college in the Baltimore area. Her husband collected her from the police station in Pittsburgh after grueling questioning from authorities about what role if any she had in setting up the robbery. Did I say husband? Yes, the case is very strange, interesting, and wonderful. We are looking for her Facebook page and anything else that we can share with you about her, but it is very difficult detective work this time.

You can see in the video below a woman named Claudia Manrique singing a rousing song (not arousing, I said rousing) in Spanish. Not the same girl but it sure puts me in the mood for amore. Also not the same girl one won the Miss Teen Lima 2012 competition which you can see here. That girl just isn’t old enough but she sure is cute.