Comedy actor Jim Carrey’s sister is Rita Carrey, whose son Marty Fournier was killed in a tragic accident seven years ago. Rita reached a settlement with the city of Hamilton, Canada where her son died that she describes as a deal that mocks the value of life.

Photo: Rita Carrey

Canada’s Rita Carrey grew up in Burlington and Toronto, the eldest daughter of Kathleen Oran and Percy Carey and sister of comedian Jim Carrey and her other siblings John and Patricia. Like her famous brother she is a comedian herself, a famous personality in Canadian television and radio. But this talented woman is also an accomplished singer and songwriter performing in her own band, The Rita Carrey Band. She also takes time away from her busy schedule for those less fortunate. Her involvement in local charities has raised tons of money for the fight of Parkinson’s disease and terminally ill, underprivileged children.

Rita tragically lost a child of her own. Her son Marty Fournier was just 24 (older brother of Michael and Matthew, now 28 and 25 years old, respectively) and ready to get married to his girlfriend Michelle Ross when he was killed by an oncoming car that had hit a tree stump. Mrs. Carrey said the trees on that street are too close to the side of the road and that the city should have cut them down, which is the reason that she sued the city (as well as the driver of the other car).

Today the city paid Rita a settlement. Although she hasn’t disclose the amount she received, Rita did say that the maximum you can sue for in a situation like this is only $125.000, which is in her opinion a ridiculous amount. She said that the money won’t make any difference to her but it could to someone else. She added that having the Supreme Court in Canada decide that the amount a loved one is worth, $125.000, is not OK.

In her opinion she thinks that “there is no amount of money that would be enough but that [low amount] mocks the immeasurable value of life”.

After the death of her son, Rita Carrey’s marriage to her husband Al collapsed. She turned to alcohol to ease the pain, but decided to go back to work less a month after the tragedy. She wrote Growing Up Carrey and A Mother’s Letter in her son’s memory.

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