Is Zhang Ziyi a prostitute who sold her body for sex as a hooker to Chinese politicians like Bo Xilai, acting as his mistress on call for five years? That is the allegation that the famous actress has had to deny in the biggest Chinese sex scandal to shake the country to date.

Photo: Zhang Ziyi
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The rumors hitting Chinese media coverage are astounding for a communist country which normally takes care to protect its image abroad. Zhang Ziyi is a huge film star who you probably know best from one of the great martial arts movies of all times, Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon. Loved that movie, and I would have liked it even more watching the sex scenes in it if I had known today’s news.

Reports are that Zhang charged over $1 million dollars a night as a high-priced prostitute to Bo Xilai, who she hooked up with more than ten times over a five year period ending just last year. A wealthy and well-connected Chinese businessman named Xu Ming supposedly claimed that he introduced the two five years ago and paid himself for their first sex romp together. His reported testimony is part of a larger investigation into Bo Xilai’s scandalous activities in the nation as a disgraced politician.

They say that Xu Ming himself claims that he paid Zhang Ziyi over $20 million dollars in Chinese currency for prostitution services in the privacy of his bedroom. And futher, he says that she has been a hooker for the rich and famous in China for a long, long time, earning millions and millions of dollars for selling sex, the oldest commodity known to womankind. Reportedly the Chinese government is concerned that she may have evaded her tax responsibilities for failing to report her income as a hooker. You can read the allegations here which explains that they originated in an online publication, the Hong Kong’s Apple Daily which reports on news in China.

The actress is no stranger to scandals. In 2010 it was alleged that she reneged on promised to donate money to charity, and allegations that she is a mistress to the wealthy have been whispered about for at least two years. You can read about it here.

We don’t know the truth of these sex scandal allegations but they involve the richest and most powerful men in China so they are being well-covered in the international media. For her part the actress had denied she was a high-priced hooker. Her publicist called the sex allegations “outrageous” and rose to her defense. “It sent stone-cold chills down our spines and has left us with a feeling of deep sadness. Why should this devoted and responsible actress have to suffer this kind of slander and defamation?”

Why indeed. She has all the money in the world, but so did Kim Kardashian and she made a sex tape. So on one level it makes no sense, but on a deeper psychological level it can’t be denied that some women are attracted to the allure of doing bad things just to get away with it. That is the root nature of affairs since the beginning of time. Not that she did. She is already lawyering up against the original source and is demanding a retraction.

Meanwhile we do have a YouTube sex video of Zhang Ziyi below from a movie. It is acting but you will agree it is very good acting. You can all watch the second video which is news coverage of the sex scandal, but to make use of it you need to practice your Chinese. Good luck! And lastly, go look at some great photos of the actress located here.

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Video: Zhang Ziyi Sex Scene

Video: Zhang Ziyi Sex Scandal (News in Chinese)