The sex police are out in full force in the New York school district. Meet Julie Warning (photos below), a teacher at the Manhattan Theater Lab High School in NY, who everyone agrees is a great teacher. Her sin? Apparently getting romantically involved with an 18-year old consenting adult named Eric Arty who happens to be a student at the school.

Obviously there are two sides to this story, assuming the allegations are true at all. But we all have to agree there is a huge difference between a teacher getting involved with a minor student versus an adult student. And as far as we know he isn’t even her own student, just some lucky teenager who bagged the hottest teacher at the school.

And yet the polices in the New York school system do not differentiate the two things. The couple were filmed in a SoHo park in Greenwich Village smooching on a park bench in a romantic embrace. That’s enough for the witch hunters in administration who have reassigned her to a desk job pending the outcome of their investigation. And what has happened to the student who invaded their privacy? Nothing as far as we know. How is that for priorities? You can read more about this story here where you can watch the video recorded by the student.

We hope that Julie Warning fights the school for her job. According to a different student at the school, “I wish it was a different teacher, because she was well-liked. She’s definitely the most appealing teacher in the school. She always wore nice skirts, and she had appealing tattoos all over her body.”

I wonder if her body has anything to do with the school district’s decision to persecute her like a Salem witch. Everyone knows that good looking women in the workplace get extra scrutiny when it comes to appropriate behavior. It’s not so much the men who care, but the jealous women around such women. They circle like piranha fish anytime a hot co-worker falters.

As for her biography, Julie has a double-major degree in both history and education from State University of New York (SUNY) College at Cortland where she graduated in 2008. Her teaching certificate focused on social studies, and we know that she played softball and basketball, and was a field hockey superstar in high school at Putnam Valley where she was on the honor roll academically. She is fit and athletic, and above all a good teacher. She has worked in children’s camps as an athletic director in the past, as a waitress for Chili’s Restaurant, and for the past three years as a teacher according to her resume which is posted online.

The only blemish on her record we can find is she reportedly had a DUI arrest over a year ago. You can find that report here. We also know that she is a great teacher who has kicked kids out of class for hitting on her resulting in one teenager getting suspended last year. It’s like these unruly boys put a bulls-eye on her back.

Anyhoo, Julie Lynn Warning is 26 years old originally from Cortland, New York, and recently living in Lake Peekskill. Eric Arty is 18. The relationship is no big deal in my humble opinion. Let me know your’s in the comments. She apparently has some very interesting pics on her Myspace page and Facebook page, but we haven’t been able to find it. And that’s okay.

Right Entertainment reached out to Miss Warning to get her side of the story out.


Updates: Reports are coming out that student Eric Arty won a $500 bet with four friends as a game to see who could first seduce Julie. She repeatedly kicked them out of class for their overtures, which were unwanted, before apparently getting interested in this idiot. Now they need to kick him out of school and flunk his arse. FYI picture reported earlier by the media was possibly wrong as alerted by our commenters. The photo above (and ones in the gallery now) are in the New York press today and has been switched out. We have still not heard from Miss Warning. Latest news is here. And we hear a call has been made from her home to request an ambulance to the hospital today.


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