We don’t know much about rugby around here, but we do know a good story when we see it. Meet Ali Mellor, the gorgeous wife of Australian rugby legend Paul Mellor who is otherwise known as Andrew Ettingshausen’s mistress. He is another footballer with an emphasis on balling, and well, you see, boys will be boys will they not?


He is married of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be legitimate affair. But usually these things are love triangles while in this case we have a quadrangle to straighten out. Math isn’t our best subject but we will try for our readers to get things right. Monique Ettingshausen is the wife, while Ali Mellor is the mistress. Ali Mellor is married to the rugby star’s best friend named Paul Mellor. So we can say that poor Paul got the short end of the straw since he was only boinking one WAG while our playboy had two.

Imagine sleeping with your best friend’s wife? Ali Mellor didn’t have to imagine it. She was living the life of a sex fiend who had infinite pleasure under the sheets as both a wifely WAG and a girlfriend at the same time. Talk about fun. You go girl. The only person she hurt was Monique Ettingshausen, and well, her husband of course but who cares about him. Sports stars can get all the chicks they want so he may want to trade the babe in for a newer model with less wear on the tires. You can read the dirty details here and here.

He explained his cheating ways this way: “Why would anyone throw away a life that has everything? A loving wife, a beautiful family, financial security and all the material things that make life work? It simply doesn’t make sense. I suppose my brain was looking for an escape from the pain and so, in my most vulnerable state, I stooped to the lowest depths.”

That’s what men say when they get caught. When they don’t get caught they don’t say it. My advice to anyone who wants to bed a sports star: don’t do it. If you want to maintain your dignity, find a plumber or an electrician because pampered sports stars are all ego and no dignity. Just my two cents for what it is worth. For her part she has said “how can I forgive him?” No kidding, dear.

It’s a shame because the couple have been married for 24 years, an eternity for a sports WAG. Yet it is never long enough as all too many wives have found out at the expense of mistresses and girlfriends on the side. He blames his cheating behavior on depression and says that he contemplated suicide. He says he wants to patch things up with his wife, but is that any manly way to win a woman’s heart back?

The couple have three children by the way. The family includes three daughers, Sienna, Shalea and Tiarne. They are all cute as a button, just like Monique herself. Hopefully they will take after mom in mattes of the heart as well as beauty.

It has been difficult to find photos of Ali Mellor so please help us in the comments if you are able. Any biographical information about her would be appreciated as well.

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