In some of the most awful photos ever seen, below you can click through to find Ronald Poppo’s face pictures after he was eaten by a so-called cannibal named Rudy Eugene. We aren’t going to put the unedited photos on our site, but you can link to them through the edited version below. Fair warning though. It’s not for everyone and I’m sorry I looked at them myself. You can see a video of the attack below as well, taken from above by a webcam.

Update: We’ve updated the click through picture to see more photos. Two show Ronald Poppo lying prone with his face injuries exposed and the other is a close up. Really not very cool stuff. They are saying now that he may have been raped before the attack.


Ronald E. Poppo remains in a Miami hospital in critical condition. His eyes and nose are gone, and most of his mouth and cheeks as well. He is unrecognizable except for his ears and beard that is left on his chin. Assuming he survives the attack, he will be blind and will need massive reconstructive surgery just to get out in public again. You will see why in a moment, assuming you really want to know.

From what we know of his biography, Ronald Poppo is a 65 year old homeless man who was living on the streets of Miami. He has an arrest record in Florida for the usual kinds of crimes that homeless guys do, like theft and larceny. He has been in the area for 35 years, and is originally from New Orleans or New York. You can read more about his background here.

Ronald was under that fateful overpass when he was attacked by the 31-year Eugene. The media are calling him a cannibal, but in reality Rudy was high on a form of LSD called “bath salts.” Those who take the drug can get super hot, and when their body temperature goes up they can lose their minds and rip their clothes off to cool down. It’s like what a high fever can do to a patient, but those who take bath salts can get extraordinarily violent.

Even a bullet would not stop Mr. Poppo’s attacker, so he was shot six times by a police officer who was flagged down by a passing bicyclist. It makes sense that the cannibal was naked, but nobody knows why Ronald Poppo was naked as well, something you can plainly see in the pictures below in the gallery.

(click this picture above, and then the link on the following page to see the unredacted, unedited photos)

You are warned though so don’t say we didn’t tell you so. Below are more pictures of the attack scene where Ronald Poppo’s face was eaten, and one of his attacker. You can also watch the video which captured the ordeal on tape. It shows the police cars arriving and you can see where the attacker was shot, although that part is thankfully off screen. Skip ahead to about the 3:00 minute mark for the closeups.

(click twice to enlarge pictures in the photo gallery)