At last it has been revealed who the tortured soul was victimized by the petite sex kitten. Arianny Celeste’s boyfriend, who according to a police report was assaulted by the UFC ring girl, is named Praveen Chandra.

Praveen Chandra Mugshot Photo (left)

The details are incredibly juicy. Reports are that the two were riding in a limousine (what else?) in Las Vegas when she supposedly began questioning him about text messages sent to other women. Apparently she is the jealous sort of girl, which is ridiculous because things should be the other way around. She apparently didn’t like his answers so she reportedly proceeded to kick him in the face with her high heels, possibly injuring his poor little nose, according to Praveen Chandra’s statements to police.

And thus she landed the greatest blow in professional wrestling history, surpassing the Herculean feats of Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, Andre the Giant, and other lesser mortals who have gone before her. Don’t mess with the UFC girls, boys.

Not one to give up a hot UFC girl so easily, he still went back to the hotel room where instead of cooling things off the fight escalated. Neighbors to their room heard loud noises, crashes, and shouts (oh my!) and called hotel security who then sent for the men in blue. Police observed marks on her arm which she said were from getting roughed up by Praveen, and he said she threw pottery at him which shattered against the wall. The police arrested both of them on domestic battery charges, not just her as reported earlier in the media.

We know only two things so far about Praveen Chandra. For starters he is 34 years old. Next up, seems he doesn’t understand how to deal with women in this writer’s humble opinion. She is the smallest girl in the world and worth some flexibility. Just not a good idea to touch a woman like Arianny Celeste (mugshot below) no matter how deserved, assuming her statements are actually true. When a girl gets a temper, you walk away and laugh about it later when she has calmed down. Especially a guy who is age 34 and supposedly lived a little ought to know better. Just my wild opinion recognizing all the facts are not known about whatever happened between them.

They are both scheduled for a court hearing in Las Vegas on Friday. You can read the report here. Plenty of photos of the UFC bombshell can be found here.

If you have other public information (not private!) about Praveen Chandra please leave it in the comments. He most likely lives in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, which is her home base. We are looking for more photos, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. We like to include that information so our readers can learn more about news makers.

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