There was a time when such an event was unimaginable in American society, but now it is becoming so commonplace that we hardly bat an eye. Christine Marinoni is the latest lesbian WAG to marry, finally becoming actress Cynthia Nixon’s wife in a quiet ceremony in New York City.

Photo: Christine Marinoni

The couple have a very long relationship that has endured since the days when their relationship was taboo, through child bearing, and now gay marriage. They have been together for eight years since 2004, well before gay marriage was first legalized in any U.S. state. In many ways their loving relationship mirrors the raging debate that is finally getting settled in this country, so it seems only fitting that this trend-setting couple finally got hitched.

You know all about Cynthia, the actress best known for her Sex and the City role, so let’s talk about Christine Marinoni, her long-time lover and new wife. You can see family photos below with the new baby born last year and the actress’ first two children.

Biography: Christine Marinoni met her partner in 2001 while attending a rally in support of same-sex marriages. Cynthia was actually married and pregnant at the time so the two first became friends before they started to date. She was Nixon’s first (and only) experience in a lesbian relationship. The actress had prior relationships only with men, including her guy partner Danny Mozes who fathered her first two children, a daughter named Samantha born in 1996 and son named Charles born six years later in 2002. Charles is now 9 and Samantha 16. Both attending the wedding over the weekend. She had been together with Danny for 15 years so she is definitely into long-term relationships.

After the breakup, she began dating Marinoni seriously and the couple became “an item” around the New York social scene. The relationship reached a milestone in April 2008 when they announced their engagement to the cheers of same sex couples everywhere. They promised at the time to get married when gay weddings became legal in New York. Well, that day finally came so the culmination of their relationship occurred on May 27th, 2012, when they were finally married.

Christine gave birth to the couple’s only child (so far) together in 2011, a son named Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni who was born February 7th, 2011 so he just celebrated his first birthday. They are keeping secret the name of the biological father of Max, but it is someone known to both of them so we hope that someday the secret will be revealed to their fans. In the meantime we are left wondering about those cute boytoys on the Sex and the City show. Of course that was purely fiction and we are now talking reality.

They had kept the pregnancy low key until the end when a baby photo was released after the birth. “Maybe I’m just lucky, but I feel like Christine is so amazing with our kids — because they’re our kids. I feel like falling in love with her is part of being amazed at how she makes our family so much better.”

Christine Marinoni was born in 1967 and is now 44 years old. You can find her Facebook page over here but the details are private. We cannot find a Twitter account or wedding photos anywhere so help us out in the comments if you are able.

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