She simply could not fathom how a nice girl connected with the British ruling class went from the Royal Wedding to a dirty Los Angeles jail in less than a year. But to hear Emma Parker Bowles tell her tale of woe, it is as if she were locked up in the Tower of London instead.

Photo: Emma Parker Bowles

It always amuses me when the one percent learns how the rest of us live. The fact of the matter is that Emma Parker Bowles was pulled over in Los Angeles for a traffic infraction. When the “handsome” police officer ran her license plate, he discovered there was an outstanding warrant out for her arrest because she failed to appear in court as required for a prior speeding ticket. She was arrested on the warrant and sent to jail for the night.

This is a routine matter in the United States, but for those who worship royalty in England her case has become front page headlines. Things work differently in Europe when you are connected. We heard the story last month of Pippa Middleton’s boyfriend waving a gun at the paparazzi in France. Nothing was done by law enforcement because of who he is, and who she is. But I digress.

Actually Emma has written an amusing article about her experience which you can read here. And yes, this sort of routine story is front page news in Great Britain as I mentioned. And that is because Emma Parker Bowles has a famous name you will recognize.

She is Camilla Parker Bowles’s niece, the royal homewrecker who chased Princess Diana away from Charles and now occupies her bed next to the future king. Or so the story goes. I know, I know, it is more complicated than that. Love triangles are always more complicated for all but one in the relationship. Too often though, the jilted woman ends up dead. Just ask Robert Kennedy Jr.’s wife.

Biography: Emma Parker Bowles was born in 1974 which makes her 38 years old this year. She graduated from Queen Margaret’s School, in York England, and then went on to become a model of some little note. She is a television presenter on British TV, and reporter for the automobile magazine, Top Gear Magazine, and a columnist for newspapers like this one.

By the way her cousin is the hot blond royal babe Laura Lopes, who is Camilla Parker Bowles’s daughter. It would help if Laura got in trouble with the law, because then we could do another story about her.

Moving on, Emma suffers from bipolar disorder so she has worked her way through that ailment very well. She has also overcome alcohol and drug addiction from her younger years. And yes, she attended the Royal Wedding this past year which is an important aspect of her recent article about the miserable experience on our Los Angeles gulag. It was noisy in jail, she writes, and she suffered a full-body search by an unfriendly female guard. Oh the humanity of it all.

More pictures of Emma Parker Bowles can be viewed below but watch the video too where she struts her stuff as a car reporter. She actually test drives cars quite a bit for her writing gigs. Good stuff!

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