Some women will walk into any man’s bedroom. You know the type, but you haven’t read about anyone quite like Zoey Ripple (photos below) before now. She is the hot blond woman who walked into Doreen Orion’s bedroom where she was sleeping with her husband Timothy Justice, just like the sneaky jewel thief in the Pink Panther movie. Except she wasn’t there to steal as best we can tell.

Photo: Zoey Ripple

The incident occurred between 3 and 4am in a sleepy Colorado neighborhood in Boulder on May 23rd, 2012. The couple awoke in bed to find Zoey prancing around their bedroom. Doreen Orion’s husband was apparently prepared for such an attack by night, so he shot the poor girl. Turns out she was just drunk and lost her way, although exactly how she found her way to his bedroom is an open question. She is expected to recover fully because Timothy is luckily a lousy shot.

A transcript of the 911 call is below, but first we want to tell you about this very interested coed, Zoey Ripple.

Biography: She is a 21-year old baby originally from Santa Rosa, California, and a recent graduate from the University of Colorado, spring semester of 2012. Yes, that’s right. She just graduated from college and appears to be on an extended party tour. And who can blame her? With an economy like we have facing recent college grads, it is no wonder there aren’t more stories of girls like Zoey looking for food in other people’s homes.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado, a town known for wild times for sure. It is the cocaine capital of the United States, and a great college town where parties run until all hours of the night. We know that Zoey graduated from Ursuline High School in Santa Rosa, California, in 2008. She was on the school swim team and is a competitive dancer. Miss Ripple has taught dance classes and was a nanny to children during the summertime in high school, and she speaks fluent Spanish, although perhaps with a slur.

Zoey is currently an event manager at Columbine Country Club near Denver, according to her Linkdin profile which has recently been deleted. She has also been a food blogger for a site called Bite into Boulder, where she confessed to being a “complete dork” around food in her writer’s profile which you can read here. Yum yum! No doubt she was just going to make breakfast for Doreen Orion and Timothy.

You can read more of her biography right here. Zoey’s Facebook page is here where you can see that every single one of her friends is super cute. She does not have a Twitter page but she does have an old MySpace page here according to our sources. You can find the news report about her little incident here.

Miss Ripple is a good girl. We can find only one prior problem in her history as a beach blond funster. Zoey has a prior arrest report for shoplifting two years ago. She plead guilty but was given a deferred sentence by a kind judge, according to court records. No big deal. And we do note that Zoey lists her ethnic heritage as Irish. Go figure.

Here is the phone call to a police dispatcher from her drunken escapade. The caller is Doreen Orion, and she made the call after Zoey Ripple was shot. You can all listen to the call in the video below.

Orion: Somebody came into our house.
911 Dispatcher: [address redacted] Is that correct?
Orion: Yes.
911 Dispatcher: Are they in there right now?
Orion: Yes, she’s in the house now, she’s awake. She looks fine but she’s shot.
911 Dispatcher: Somebody was shot?
Orion: Yes! Somebody was shot! She walked into our bedroom and we told her we were screaming at her and she kept coming in the bedroom and we shot her.
911 Dispatcher: Okay, you shot the suspect that came into your, your…
Orion: Yes, yes.
911 Dispatcher: OK.

Listen below to the homeowner saying she “seems stoned or something.” Now tell us what you think of Zoey Ripple and this very interesting case of trespassing. And would you eat those blueberry muffins?

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Video: Zoey Ripple 911 Call