Cesc Fabregas and his club Barcelona are going through some changes that (let’s face it) might be difficult in the beginning. He has a new coach and all but he is not worrying about that! Who would worry when you have a girlfriend like his? Her name is Daniella Semaan and she is quite a sensation in Spain and among other Barca WAGs.

Photo: Daniela Semaan.

25 year-old Spanish soccer player Cesc split up with long time girlfriend Carla last year. According to his father they grew apart and decided to split up. Everything was done amicably and they still care for each other. That is fine by me because romance was about to knock on his door very soon. The world was curious about who would be the woman to win the heart of Barcelona’s #4.

The answer came weeks later as he was spotted with a busty brunette in Ibiza. The woman he was seen with, known only as Daniela, looked a bit older than the young midfielder but very hot, and as you can imagine his female fans were not happy!

Days later we heard her full name was Daniella Semaan the stunning Lebanese 37 year-old mother of two (ages 12 and 10) from her marriage to Elie Taktouk. Mrs. Semaan met her beau at the Briton restaurant Nozomi. They were there separately but witnesses said he approached her table, exchanged phone numbers and the rest is history. They began dating and became pretty much inseparable. He has a tattoo in her honor on his left arm that that reads Life D Forever, but in Arabic

Daniella spends her time between London and Spain. When in Barcelona she gets to go out with Antonella Rocuzzo, Messi’s girlfriend with whom she has become really close. More recently Semaan and her man stripped off their clothes and put on their swimsuit for a romantic getaway at the beach where they put on a very public display of their love.

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