Katherine Jenkins and her Dancing With The Stars partner Mark Ballas were the runner-ups during this 14th season, while Donald and Peta became the winners. They were invited to Good Morning America on Wednesday, but it seems Jenkins was not dressed for spins as her dress whipped up giving us a beautiful glance at her toned legs and thong. Have you see Katherine’s upskirt photo?

Photo: Katherine Jenkins.

On Tuesday night Donald Driver was crowded this season’s winner at Dancing With The Stars. His partner Peta Murgatroyd won the competition for the first time, and they were all excited. The runner-ups Mark and Katherine kissed the trophy goodbye, but not to the attention and support they received throughout the competition. They were named favorites on Twitter while another favorite was the Cuban Brad Pitt William Levy (just so you know, is not me who calls him the Cuban Brad Pitt, I heard that nickname somewhere). Levy and partner Cheryl Burke placed third. He also made a couple of his female fans mad in the Big Apple. But this t ime it was KJ who made her male fans mad, because she and Ballas were yesterday’s guests on Good Morning America where Jenkins’ little wardrobe malfunction took place.

New York’s Times Square was filled with fans who were hoping to see Katherine Jenkin dance with Ballas and they got what they came for plus a little bit more.

The 31 year-old welsh singer who is engaged to T.V. presenter Gethin Jones wore a gorgeous cream-tone dress with a black belt and collar, which might have been the perfect choice for the occasion if only they were not asked for one final dance.

I guess she enjoyed it and danced their jive beautifully, but when she turned her dress went up to her dress revealing a good part of her bum, undies and legs. We are not complaining. It was just the perfect way to say goodbye, but I am sure she would have liked her goodbye to be less fleshy.

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