Celebrity gossip sites have been stirring for weeks about the new man in her life, and now she has confirmed it. Kelly Clarkson’s boyfriend is a handsome, lucky hunk by the name of Brandon Blackstock (photos below). We’ll tell you what we know of him and wish the couple success in their new relationship.

Photo: Brandon Blackstock

US Weekly broke the news first around mid-March of this year, but no other sources were able to confirm it until now. At that time she had mentioned to a Toronto radio station that she had a new boyfriend but did not name him. The magazine did their due diligence, and got an unnamed friend of the singer to out his name. You can read their reporting here.

Brandon Blackstock was confirmed as Kelly Clarkson’s boyfriend in an interview conducted by People Magazine, and she did it with her usual wonderful sense of humor. She said that he is ruining her creative life, not because the sex is blowing her mind but because she is so head over heels in love with him!

“It is killing me. I’m trying to write a tough song and it is coming out like butterflies and rainbows.”

Aww. That is about the sweetest thing we have heard all week. You can read the interview snippets here and read more details in the magazine issue this week.

From what we know of his biography, Brandon Blackstock is 35 years old, so five years her senior. The actress just celebrated her 30th birthday last month in April, and we have to think she may be feeling her biological clock at this time in her life. It’s time to get serious girl, and this fella seems like a great find.

She met the lucky hunk through her manager who introduced the two of them sometime in 2011. They began dating and have been an item for the last six months, but keeping things low key until now. Kelly’s manager is Narvel Blackstock, who is now married to Reba McEntire, and in fact Brandon is his biological son and Reba’s stepson. Well done, dad. Always best to keep the money and the romantic secrets in the family.

As we all know relationships have a much better chance of succeeding when dating prospects are introduced by mutual friends as in this case. Friends often know what you want more than you know your own self, in my vast dating experience. So that is my tip for relationships this week, for better or worse.

Brandon is obviously a hunk so she could do a lot worse. His well-trimmed facial hair and bright face seem a good match for the very feminine Kelly. And as an age-appropriate slightly older man who is already connected in show business thanks to dad, he is probably confident enough to handle her stardom.

We can hope so anyway. You can follow Brandon Blackstock’s Twitter page over here but you will not be alone because he already has 3,000 followers thanks to the earlier rumors about their relationship. We cannot find his Facebook page so he either doesn’t have one or he doesn’t want anyone to find him. That’s too bad either way.

Good luck to Kelly and Brandon in their new relationship. We hope it works out for the best.

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Video: Brandon Blackstock on Stage