We hear speculation from our friends at Busted Coverage that Joe Smith’s girlfriend is the highly talented sports reporter and former Miss USA hottie named Allie LaForce, photos below. Their evidence is based on the fact that he was with her family according to a police report which they gleefully published on their website. Good research, boys.

Photo: Allie LaForce

The incident report is juicy indeed. It alleges that Joe Smith was out partying with the family on Sunday evening and caused a commotion at a bar which would not admit him because he lacked a valid ID showing that he is 21 years old. He looks about 30 so we can understand his frustration. Nobody likes getting carded by wienie bouncers who think they are more important than you. You can read the article and see the police report for yourselves right here

What is not as clear is if Allie LaForce really is his girlfriend. Just because her family was out on the town with the Cleveland Indians pitcher does not necessarily mean anything and the document is unclear. It’s a tell for sure, but we’ll keep our minds open until confirmed by the pitcher or the former Miss Teen USA herself. We reached out to her via Facebook but she has yet to respond.

One thing for sure is he could do a lot worse. Allie LaForce is positively gorgeous, and not only that, she is also successful as a rising media star who already has landed a gig as a sideline reporter for Fox 8. She is the former winner of the Miss Teen USA pageant in 2005, which makes perfect sense given her stunning pictures you can see in the gallery below. Read more about her big win here, which occurred when she was a babe of 17 years old, and what she has been doing lately on her official website over there.

Allie is from Ohio and represented her state as the Miss Teen Ohio before winning the event. Her beautiful mother Lesa LaForce was named in the police report. She is the former Miss Ohio USA in 1977, so her daughter hails from fine pedigree. Allie is going to have some beautiful babies someday, so Joe is one lucky guy who is hopefully ready to settle down if he knows what is good for him. But alas, athletes rarely do.

She was born December 11, 1988 so Miss LaForce will celebrate her 24th birthday this year. A lot of positive things have happened for her in the seven years since she won the Miss Teen USA pageant including landing a gig as a sports reporter. She is versatile in the television media, as she has appeared in studio, on the field conducting interviews, and as a color analyst for football broadcasts. Read more about her biography on her Channel 8 profile page right over here.

She was a basketball star in high school and an academic smarty as well. Allie was a First Team All-County Varsity Basketball Team, playing as a wee sophomore. She won an award for top scholar-athlete at her school, excelling especially in both history and math, and was involved in charity work as well.

She went on from high school to graduate graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio University with a degree in journalism. You go girl! The sky is the limit for Allie LaForce. She has such a bright future that if she really is Joe Smith’s girlfriend, he better work hard to keep her.

You can friend Allie on Facebook over here and follow her on Twitter right here. Meanwhile listen to her interview below and see her cool pics.

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Video: Allie LaForce