This is one of those stories that leaves the eyes longing to see more so we will oblige or dear readers with pictures. Lauren Odes is a pretty blond woman with enormous breasts who worked at a lingerie company in New York City when the unthinkable happened. She was called “too hot” for her big breasts that eventually got her fired.

Photo: Lauren Odes

She says that the company management asked her to better cover up her body so that she would appear more modest to coworkers. The issue was mainly her breasts which the prudish people who run the place thought were simply too big for anyone’s comforts. I would expect big breasts are an asset in a lingerie company, but have to confess only limited knowledge of what women want.

We learn from the news reports that the boob owners of the Native Intimates lingerie company, where she worked in the garment district of Manhattan, are Jewish of the Orthodox persuasion. What that has to do with anything I cannot say either, because I have even less knowledge of what Jewish people want than I do of what women want. Oh fine, I know. Orthodox Jews are conservative. We get it.

Lauren Odes says that one of those conservative owners suggested that she “tape down” her breasts so they would (presumably) not stick out so far and bounce around so easily when she was working. Will someone kindly explain to me how that works exactly? She felt completely humiliated, she later told the press. The situation escalated, one thing led to another including they reportedly humiliated her by making Lauren wear a red overcoat around the office, and soon enough she was out of a job.

We don’t know the truth of her claims or the company’s which has not commented to the story thus far, but we can tell you that she is in good hands with high powered attorney Gloria Allred representing her interests. And we can tell you more about the beautiful lady who has been so maligned.

Lauren Odes is a 29-year old woman living in Hoboken, New Jersey, where she could easily commute to her job in New York. She was placed there by a temporary agency because work has been hard to find lately. My thinking is this publicity will help her get a better job somewhere else that appreciates what she brings to the table.

She once listed her availability on a website called “Reality Wanted” which is designed to help potential reality show cast members find a TV show who wants them on air. We don’t believe she ever got on television from this listing, but we think she has a future on TV. Just don’t put her on a reality show that is based on synagogue life because we have learned that is not her best calling.

On that website she lists her sexual orientation as straight and in a relationship with a handsome hunk who is undoubtedly happier to have her services than those mean old lingerie store owners. Interestingly, she lists her occupation as Fashion Executive and Bartender, a great combination if you think about it.

You can find Lauren’s Facebook page over here where she throws in her middle name as “Lauren Elizabeth Odes.” There you will see that she has a super cute doggie and looks ravishing in a black dress that accentuates her form. Some girls have all the luck.

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