She has gone from reality TV star ten years ago to really pregnant now and that is definitely a step up in our book. Kelley Wolf (maiden name Kelley Limp) will have her second baby later this year, something that her actor husband announced via his Twitter page. Congratulations to Scott Wolf’s wife and her lucky hubby.

Photo: Kelley Wolf

You know him best for his character Bailey Salinger in Party of Five, the television series that ran for 143 episodes over a six year stretch run ending in 2000. But he has had a substantial filmography before, during, and after the series that made him famous. He played Dr. Jake Hartman in Everwood for two years, appeared for two seasons in The Nine and another series called V.

But enough of Scott. Let’s talk about Kelley, his beautiful baby mama and long-time wife.

Biography: Kelley Wolf was born Kelley Limp on October 14, 1976, so she will be 36 years old on her birthday later this year. Her birthplace is Fayetteville, Arkansas, so she is a country girl at heart from the heart of the deep south. She lived in New Orleans while hew own show was on TV, but now resides with her husband in Los Angeles.

You may know her from the long-running reality television series, The Real World: New Orleans, the hit MTV series on which she appeared in 2000. Later she appeared in The Challenge, another MTV series that ran briefly. Her acting credits are for her birthname Kelley Limp as you can see here, but she did legally change her name and now goes by Kelley Wolf. That is kind of sweet. So you can find Kelley going by her married name on Twitter right here.

The couple entered a romantic relationship beginning in 2002 after meeting through mutual friends in New York City. In my view that is always the best way to meet people. If you have overlapping friends, you at least have one thing in common. Helps him behave himself on the first date too, instead of trying to feel you up constantly after dinner. You know what I mean.

Things went so well that she finally did let him feel her up, and on May 29, 2004, the Hollywood couple were married after a two year romance. That is about the right amount of time for dating. Not too fast, not too slow. You know what you are getting yourself into by then, and you know that the attraction is far more than infatuation.

It was fully five years later that she first got pregnant so family planning is definitely part of the Wolf family. Their cute little son, Jackson Kayse, was born in 2009 on March 22nd. Now she will welcome a second child with a due date around November 2012. Congratulations to Kelley Wolf and her husband!

You can see her below as Kelley Limp in the video and blow up her pictures too.

***Update: Son Miller William Wolf was born at a Los Angeles, California area hospital on November 10th, 2012. The cute little baby weighted 7 pounds and 6 ounces. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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