Sometimes football WAGs are hot in more ways than one. And so we introduce you to Terricka Cason Cromartie (photos in gallery below), who is the gorgeous model, dancer and aspiring actress who doubles down as Antonio Cromartie’s wife. She is hot under the collar because she thinks he is cheating, but her actions are getting her into trouble lately.

Photo: Terricka Cason with hubby

Terricka Cromartie’s husband is of course the all-pro cornerback for the New York Jets football team. He was originally selected in the NFL draft by the San Diego chargers, but they traded him away to New York which was fortunate enough for Miss Cason at the time. Or unfortunate depending on your point of view. When you get involved with a football player, you cannot expecting things to go well when your man is known to be a womanizer. Antonio has fathered ten children at last count with eight different women located in six states. He sure knows how to spread his seed.

And that propensity for bedding women is what prompted Terricka into action in a fit of jealousy because she thought he was cheating. She reportedly faked her own suicide distress call in two separate text messages to her husband. The first said “God forgive me, I don’t want to die. What have I done?” while the second said “I cut my wrists. I took those pills.”

A very alarmed Antonio who was training in Florida at the time called cops in New York asking them to rush to her rescue. When they arrived, nobody answered the door so they kicked the door down only to find her sleeping in bed with her two little girls. You can read the reporting here.

When the police questioned her, she is said to have told them she was just “exercising her first amendment right to free speech” and that she would never kill herself. Unamused, child protective serviced reportedly go into the act and whisked her children away to safety while she could get a forced psychiatric evaluation.

We hear that she also contacted the homewrecking woman she thinks is having an affair with her husband and told her that both she and Antonio have AIDS or HIV positive or some such, which was an untrue assertion made just to scare the crap out of her. There is no knowing if it worked.

I have to say that after hearing her story I like Terricka immensely and believe that police are way overreacting. When men cheat you pretty much have a moral right to do anything you want except kill him, of course, although inflicting pain is forgivable in most cases. All she did was fib a little because she is jealous. No big deal, and not her fault that he believed her. Rather than a psychiatric evaluation, Terricka Cason-Cromartie deserves a medal.

So what do we know about her biography?

She was born and raised as Terricka Lynne Cason in East St. Louis, Illinois, so she is a midwestern girl by nurture. But she later moved to California where she finished her college education and felt more at home. Now she lives in New York City with you-know-who.

She is a smarty pants. Terricka has two BA degrees from California State University at Northridge, one in psychology and the other in theater arts. She married her husband, for better or for worse, on July 2nd, 2010. We have a video from their wedding (see bottom) which you just have to watch as Terricka gets her groove on.

Terricka Cason-Cromartie is a gorgeous model, pinup girl, and dancer who is trying to break into the acting world. She is also part of Antonio’s prolific baby factory, producing the last of his ten children, a cute little daughter. She has an older daughter (now four years old) named Jordan Trinity from a prior relationship with another man, and believe it or not she is expecting twins. The new babies are due this November 2012.

Terricka is an expert at self-promotion in the social media scene as all aspiring actresses need to be but she has not posed nude as best we can tell. You can find her Facebook page right here which contains some glamorous modeling photos of Antonio Cromartie’s wife. She has an old MySpace page which contains many provocative pinup-style pics in lingerie and swimsuit. Find that one over here. Lastly, of course this beauty has a Twitter page you can find here with an impressive picture gallery containing lots of photos of her together with her husband.

Prior to landing an acting role on Candy Girls, Terricka starred as a volleyball player in an MTV movie called “All You’ve Got” and an object of desire in another movie called “Ways of the Flesh.” But her biggest breakthrough by far was starring on television in the E! network’s Candy Girls.

And judging by her photos, you know that Terricka has a lot of candy. She has the look that men want to possess and women want to emulate, a mix of city girl sex appeal and intelligence all rolled into one hot body. You can see clips on her YouTube channel over here.

And boy can she dance. Watch the wedding video below that shows their first dance. It starts out slow and then Terricka Cason Cromartie surprises all her guests by getting down and dirty a little after the one minute mark.

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Wedding Video