Another sad story from the world of music, as the world learned that a pop icon will no longer be with us. Robin Gibb’s wife survives him, Dwina Murphy-Gibb (photos below), reportedly a former porn star, as do his four children and past loves including ex-wife Molly Hullis and the housekeeper Claire Yang with whom he reportedly had an affair.

Photo: Dwina Murphy (Gibb)

One-third of the remaining Bee Gees is gone. It seems like just yesterday that the group was turning out smash hit after smash hit on the disco dance scene in the 1970s and 1980s. Ironically Staying Alive was one of their biggest hits, a reminder today that even the legends of music are mortals. Robin Gibb’s children and family live on, so we dedicate the rest of this article to them.

His current wife (formerly Dwina Murphy) married Gibb in 1981 and splits her time between Oxfordshire in England and Miami, Florida with her husband. She is 59 years old and a beautiful woman, an author, and an artist in her own right who was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, site of one of my father’s favorite Irish songs. She graduated from primary school in Northern Ireland and went on to university study at the prestigious Hornsey Art College located across the Irish Sea in England.

The couple had one child between them, a son named Robin-John (RJ Gibb – photo below) who was born in 1983 and is now 28 years old. Robin-John Gibb is not his only child though. The singer previously married a woman named Molly Hullis, a marriage which produced his two oldest children.

Daughter Melissa Gibb was born in 1974 and is now 38 years old. Spencer Gibb is 40 years old, born in 1970. You can see their pictures below as well. The marriage reportedly did not survive because the were living separate lives physically. Molly Hullis (photo below) spent most of her time in the United Kingdom, while Robin was constantly on tour and frequented his home in Miami, Florida.

Dwina Murphy-Gibb is interested in eastern religions. She has practiced Hinduism and has a special interest in Druidry. She was previously married to David Waterfield, a man who told to the press that she is an ex-porn star who was bisexual with lesbian girlfriends. More on that controversy in a minute. We do know that she produced two films you can read about here including one with a gay theme starring a lesbian college professor.

I mentioned that Robin-John Gibb an accomplished artist. She has a beautifully-designed website which you can find here. At age 14 she began winning art competitions which she entered with the help of a supportive mother who loved the arts. And she always had an interest in writing starting from the early of just nine years old. She is a published novelist, essayist and poet. Under her penname Bridie Morrigan, she published two entire volumes of poetry in the 1980s titled “Ergot On The Rye,” and “Butterflies and Drums.” As if that isn’t enough, she is also a classical musician and talented harpist.

Media reports from several years ago indicate that Dwina was a porn star in the 1960s who appeared in several black and white movies. And he claimed that she is bisexual with lesbian lovers. “What she did with women had nothing to do with me – she made that very plain to me. But I learnt a lot about it [lesbianism] from her, luckily I’m not afflicted with jealousy.”

These revelations from her ex-husband David Waterfield produced embarrassment of the ruling party in England. Dwina is super good friends with Cherie Blair, who is former prime minister Tony Blair’s wife. Read more on that story here.

One of the shockers in his life is that he reportedly produced an illegitimate child with a live-in housekeeper named Claire Yang (photo below) in 2008. The baby is only three years old now and will grow up without knowing a father. Read about their 8-year affair here.

The only Facebook page we can find for Robin’s wife appears to be fake so we won’t like to it. You can see one of Dwina’s art shows below in the video and blow up the family photos in the gallery.

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