Divorce update at bottom.

Everyone loves the heartwarming story of a new NFL WAG ready to join the booster club each Sunday as she roots her man on to victory. Meet Daniela Cortazar (photos below), the latest girlfriend to tie the knot with a star athlete.

Photo: Daniela Cortazar

Of course he needs a team first before Jeremy Shockey’s wife will know where to go. The footballing tight end and and studly model is an unrestricted free agent this off-season, which has given him plenty of time to reconsider his sex life. And with a woman like Daniela in bed, my guess is he did not need to think too long and too hard.

Biography: We think that Daniela Cortazar is the 21 year old youngster who just gradated from Miami Beach High in 2010. Other than that, we are stumped so help us if you can. You can see in the pictures that she has a banging body in a swimsuit, pretty face, an impressive diamond wedding ring, and seductive lips sometimes used to kiss her girlfriends.

The couple were married in the evening on May 19th, 2012, and we hear that the party following the ceremony was historic. You can see their wedding video below and read the report here. And it seems like just last month (because it was) that we heard the couple got engaged.

Daniela’s Twitter page is here where she says that she is in “heaven” and keeps retweeting naughty messages from an account called @hornyfacts. She even tweets pictures of them in bed which you can see below in the gallery. Aww how marvelously sinful. We wish her the best of success in the new marriage, and hope they only rarely get out of bed.

In the video you can see the very moment they are pronounced man and wife, while he lifts the veil of chastity and kisses Daniela full on the lip. Attaboy.

Update: Well that didn’t last long. Jeremy filed for divorce from his wife late in December after just a few months of marriage. What a loss! She seems a great girl, and he after all is way past his prime.

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Wedding Video