The king of social media pulled a fast one on the world today, announcing his marriage to his long-time girlfriend who has seen his fortune skyrocket from college chump change to billions and billions more. Mark Zuckerberg wedding photos with his lucky wife Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg are below, something the Facebook CEO posted on his own status page after the wedding.

Photo: Mark Zuckerberg & Wife (Priscilla Chan) Wedding!

He married his college sweetheart on May 19th, 2012, in a secret wedding that occurred just one day after the Facebook IPO, one of the most anticipated public offerings in US stock market history. Mark made billions on Friday, and celebrated in style by wedding Priscilla Chan the very next day on Saturday, in front of friends who were hoodwinked into expecting to celebrate her graduating from medical school.

She looked absolutely stunning in the white wedding dress you can see in the pictures above and below. Her bridal gown was designed by Claire Pettibone and retails for $4,000 full price. It is technically an off-white ivory color with a long train and silk sequins.

Her wedding ring was designed by Mark himself, which consists of just a simple ruby stone. Music played at the wedding was heavy on pop. Michael Jackson was all over the dance floor, as was Flo Rida and Bon Jovi. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day reportedly performed the first dance live.

Mark attended high school in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he graduated from the Phillips Exeter Academy in 2002. He studied classical literature before moving on to his storied tenure at Harvard. You all know that he was a computer science major at Harvard where he founding Facebook, but many people do not know that Mark never graduated from the school. His birthday is May 14, 1984 (born in New York), which at age 27 years old makes him one of the world’s youngest billionaires. Mark’s Facebook page is here where he goes by his nickname Zuck.

Mark Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla has been by his side since they were both teenagers at Harvard. She graduated in 2007 from Harvard University as a pre-med student with a degree in biology. Directly after graduating she became a 4th grade teacher at a local school in the San Francisco Bay Area called the The Harker School. Simultaneously she began attending medical school at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). Although she will never need to work again in her life, she is going to contribute to society be becoming a medical doctor. Good for her.

In fact she just graduated from UCSF and the guest list was told that Zuckerberg’s wedding was going to be a graduation party for Priscilla. LOL. That is how hush hush the couple kept their secret wedding. About 100 friends and family showed up, and the media had no notice and neither did the guests. By the way, her Facebook page is here.

My view of the Social Network movie is they did a great disservice to the relationship by practically leaving her out of the movie entirely. Because Priscilla isn’t one of those plastic trophy wives, and because she is of Asian heritage, I believe some prejudice ideas (by omission) were present in the Hollywood movie. Now she is having the last laugh as his beautiful wife.

Mark announced the marriage himself later in the most appropriate way imaginable. He changed his Facebook status to “married” and posted the wedding photos. Yes Mark Zuckerberg pulled a fast one on the world, and we can all marvel at the magic trick while we wish the couple the best of success in their high-profile marriage.

Someday Mark Zuckerberg’s children will read the story and get a good laugh. But first, of course, a Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg pregnancy will need to be announced to the world, which will undoubtedly happen again via the social media site. We cannot wait for the news of Facebook babies running around their Palo Alto, California home. But no she is not pregnant yet to our knowledge!

In a way the wedding has been in the cards for a long time because Mark once said that he would marry Priscilla after she graduated. That promise is now a promise kept.

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Video of Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding announcement