Sometimes mail order brides are not all they are cracked up to be after the marriage vows are made. Meet Anna Ziuzina (photos below), of the Ukraine, the stripper and sizzling hot wife of England’s Barry Pring who was run over by a car in 2008 almost one year to the day after their big wedding day. She is now wanted for questioning by the authorities, possibly as a black widow wife who some suspect may have taken out a contract killing on him with the Russian mafia if media inferences are to be believed.

Photo: Anna Ziuzina

You can see Anna dancing the Tango in the video below, perhaps appropriately as the quintessential dance of sexual passion and anger, but first hear the story before we get ahead of ourselves. After all this kind of stuff cannot be made up, except for the imaginations of writers who tease our senses in the James Bond movies.

Anna’s millionaire husband was run over by a car traveling 80 miles per hour while he waited at a taxi stand in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. The lights of the car were turned off, and the taxi stand had been staged there moments before his arrival. Meanwhile, his wife Anna Ziuzina who led him there ducked out to return to a restaurant where she had left her gloves. No kidding. Zoom, crash, no more hubby. Read the original reporting here.

Local authorities bungled the case from the beginning, which is par for the course in far corners of the world, but lately the trail is getting as hot as Anna herself. They now want her for questioning but have been thus far unable to locate the pretty widow. She is reportedly still embroiled in a court case with relatives over his will, so I doubt she will be hard to locate.

Biography: Anna Ziuzina is a stripper whom in her country has gone by the name Ganna Zuizina with a naughty G, and sometimes Hanna Zuizina, and she was ironically known onstage as “Lucky.” She is just 30 years old this year while he would be turning 51 in the prime of his life. She was a stripper in her native country, something for which her future husband took pity. Beginning in 2006 he began to give her money over the internet and eventually asked her to marry.

The lucky couple never lived together which we can all find strange. After her marriage to Barry Pring in Kiev on January 27, 2007, he returned to the United Kingdom while Anna stayed in the Ukraine. With a banging wife like her, we cannot imagine why they did not bed down in England like couples like to do in their marital bliss.

Even before the wedding he began to get uncomfortable feelings about Miss Ziuzina’s intentions. In a telling email he write her “My concern, is our relationship! All our conversations and emails have always been about the visa, shoes etc. At no time have you been interested in “US”, or expressed any interest in developing the relationship. I do not sense any emotions from you, even though I have told you how I feel.”

We can show off by practicing our Russian at this point. Her name in the local tongue is spelled Анна Зюзина. Are you impressed yet? Anna’s Facebook page can be found here but you can see that she is enjoying her privacy away from the limelight of prying eyes.

We hear that she did not attend the funeral of her beloved spouse, which was held in Devon England. One can forgive her for that of course. My two sons have baseball games each week and sometimes there are conflicts, so don’t expect me to attend everything that someone tries to put on my calendar. Sheez. That should go without saying.

Meanwhile watch the video of sexy Anna Ziuzina dancing at the Planetango Club in Moscow with an unknown man, someone to whom we resist the temptation to shout “watch out!” In the video you see she has gone to gorgeous brown hair and her hot legs speak volumes to our souls. What a woman.

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Video: Anna Ziuzina Dancing Tango