Things are warming up in the bed of our world’s most famous global warming crusader if recent reports are to be believed. Elizabeth Keadle (photos below), a conservationist in California and much younger woman than Tipper, is assuming a position as Al Gore’s girlfriend in bed.

Photo: Elizabeth Keadle

I did not know that he had broken up with his wife of so many years. It seems like just yesterday that the 2000 Democrat convention was held where they lip-locked in that famous kiss for all the world to see. But you know how things go with men. The sneaky ones are always looking around for greener pastures. Al separated from Tipper in 2010, but before you get any ideas he did not begin dating Elizabeth until later.

So what do we know of Elizabeth Keadle?

Biography: She is a 53-year old beautiful woman from San Diego, California with a boatload of cash and many aliases because of her prior marriage and the fact that she uses her middle name usually. She is an alumni of the University of San Diego with a science degree. That campus is situated beautifully along the cliffs which overlook the ocean in southern California.

Perhaps that is where Elizabeth first began forming her love of environmental causes while she gazed at the beautiful Pacific Ocean as an impressionable young college co-ed. We do know that one of her favorite charitable causes is the local Ocean Discovery Institute, and that she has chaired fundraisers for the local San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, as mentioned here.

She went with him to Antarctica earlier this year as part of his endless quest to bring attention to the climate change issue, but we don’t know if they were dating before or began an intimate relationship at that point. You can read the dirty details here.

Her full name is Mary Elizabeth Keadle, but she usually uses her middle name and goes by Liz Keadle to friends, who know her as a generous benefactor to Democrat causes in the United States, particularly in the San Diego area. She gives generously to environmental causes as well as Democrat candidates and the party itself. At one time she reportedly gave $100,000 to the DNC. That is some serious cash, ladies and gentlemen. You can read about her long list of donations here.

She is also reportedly an investor in the (so far) failed television network called Current TV which Al founded with other wealthy donors several years ago. And if that isn’t enough cash to spread around, Liz has her own endowment fund at the University of San Diego Foundation which gave $250,000 to an environmental sustainability cause in 2008.

Elizabeth Keadle lives now in Rancho Santa Fe, which is a posh area 20-miles north of the city. She usually lists her work occupation as a “self-employed investor” which may explain why she has a four car garage, with a swimming pool and four acres of properly there.

Al Gore’s girlfriend was married previously to a man named Lyle Turner, as recently as 2004, when she went by the name Elizabeth Keadle-Turner or Elizabeth K. Turner and lived near Irvine, California. She applied for a VISA that year to hire seven foreign nationals to care for animals on their farm.

They eventually divorced and she began dating an unsuccessful politician named Nick Leibham who lost a race for the US House of Representatives in 2008. Interestingly, if not even scandalously, Al came to California to campaign for Nick that year which makes it seem like he lost more than an election. Her ex-boyfriend is the cutie in the video below.


Update: July 5th, 2012: Turns out that Al isn’t the only one of find love this year with Elizabeth Keadle. Tipper Gore’s boyfriend is Bill Allen, the former editor of the National Geographic who is a mature 71 year old man. Funny how women look for different qualities in their partners than men do, particularly as they get older.

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