The music world is still reeling from the loss of another one of our cultural icons. The Queen of Disco is gone, something we were not expecting because Donna Summer’s husband and family kept her health problems quiet. Bruce Sudano now survives her, the long-time spouse and collaborative genius in her storied love life.

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As you all know, she passed away in Florida after a long battle with lung cancer. Her music will live on in our minds and hearts forever, as she produced such an impression on the electro and disco dance scene for those who lived through the 1970s, like her own unique fingerprints on our American culture. But now we want to introduce you to her long-time husband, beautiful daughters, and other loves in her life. Those men include first husband Helmut Sommer, and her brief lover Peter Mühldorfer.

Biography: Bruce Charles Sudano was born September 26, 1948 in Brooklyn, New York. He shares a birthday with my mom and birthplace with my dad, so I feel a kinship with him today. Before he met Donna, he was a musician who had already experienced success in the business, although obviously nowhere near the level of her fame. He helped form several bands, including Brooklyn Dreams and earlier Alive N Kickin’. You can listen to his music in the YouTube videos and find several more there if you want to get your groove on today.

Bruce Sudano is also known as a writer and producer. His collaborative projects include a wide variety of musical styles, including penning songs for Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton. And of course, his beloved wife’s music whom he helped starting in the late 1970s. He met her while his band collaborated with her in 1978 during the disco era. Ah now, those were the days. Remember disco? My guess is you don’t. It is not my cup of tea, and if you agree with me this is not the day for critics to crawl out of their caves.

As husband and wife, they had two beautiful daughters together. Brooklyn Sudano, named after his band and hometown, was a new year baby, born January 5th, 1981 and is now 31 years old. Amanda Grace was a summer baby, born August 11th, 1982 and is now 30 years of age. Yes, they really did have babies just 18 months apart!

For celebrities with busy careers, that is not a bad way to do things as it minimizes the interruptions. It’s also nice having a sister so close in age. We can imagine that Brooklyn and Amanda Grace are best friends. He is also a step-grandpa thanks to her first daughter Mimi becoming a mommy herself. And we know that Amanda Grace Sudano is married so there may be more grandchildren bouncing on his lap soon. We can hope so. She married a man named Abner Ramirez in 2006 and now goes by Amanda Sudano-Ramirez.

Both daughters are absolutely stunning. Brooklyn Sudano is a performing artist, singer, dancer, and occasional model, who judging by her social media sites is more popular than her dad. And that is probably fine with him as he has been perfectly content with the notoriety of his famous wife. Many lesser men are not secure enough in these high-powered relationships.

Amanda Sudano (Ramirez) is a singer herself and aspiring model who counts a fabulous Louis Vuitton ad campaign among her credits. Daddy Bruce must be very proud of his family!

Although these two daughters are Bruce’s only children, Donna Summer’s children include Mimi to her earlier brief marriage with Austrian actor Helmut Sommer, whom she met after moving to that country in 1971. They were married in 1973 and divorced in 1975, but by that time she had taken her husband’s name (anglicized from the German spelling) which remained with her until the end.

A rare photo of Helmut with Donna and baby are included below. That daughter Mimi was born in the first year of their marriage, 1973. Mimi Sommer married Richard Matthew Dohler in 1995. In-between husbands Donna also briefly shacked up with painter Peter Mühldorfer in Los Angeles.

Bruce’s permanent home is in the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee, although she was staying in the warmth of Florida during her illness at the end.

You can find Bruce’s MySpace page here which is still active and includes several of his song tracks. And you can follow him on Twitter here where he was quite active until the end of April this year, and friend him on Facebook too if you like right here.

Photos of Donna Summer’s daughters are included in the picture gallery. Her husband’s song video below begins with birds flying off into the sunset, somehow an appropriate tribute as if souls releasing to heaven. We hope that you enjoy Bruce Sudano’s music video and leave your comments below as your own tribute to the Queen.

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Video: Bruce Sudano’s music