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There was a time when coming out of the closet as a lesbian was taboo, and it is still a sensitive topic for some people. Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman is gay, the adorable child actress who played Olivia on the Cosby Show, according to sources in a media report and she is tired of hiding her true inner self from her family. She has reportedly confided to family and friends that she is lesbian and living with the love of her life, the awesome androgynous model AzMarie Livingston.

Photo: AzMarie Livingston (left) with Raven (right)

It should be noted that the actress has not confirmed the reports herself. If true we think that she should. Although we do understand the stoic notion that our sexuality is our own business, my feeling is that actresses have a unique opportunity as public figures to blaze the trail for others to follow. Many high-profile women have come out of the closet in recent years, and if anything it is helping careers blossom whereas before it would have hurt them professionally.

So we cannot confirm the report, which you can read for yourself here, and study a reaction here, but we can introduce our readers to the stunning AzMarie Livingston regardless of her sexuality.

Biography: AzMarie Livingston was born Ashley Livignston and is 24 years old. Far from being a classic metropolitan girl, she hails from the conservative mid-west town of Milwaukee Wisconsin. She first became interested in modeling at the young age of nine years old when on a trip to visit her father in Los Angeles. She stayed a year there and was hooked on her future career, but first she returned to Milwaukee to finish her primary education.

Raven-Symoné’s girlfriend was a contestant in the current season of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 18, but was eliminated from the competition in April 2012. She also appeared on the similar reality show, “Top Model: British Invasion.” You can read about those experiences in a candid interview here.

AzMarie’s modeling credentials include photoshoots for Essence Hair Magazine and Today’s Black Woman, among others. She has also appeared in three acting roles on television including “The Real Housewives of New York City.” More about her biography can be found in a newspaper interview here.

As for her modeling profile, AzMarie stands almost 5’10” tall. Her measurements and weight are unknown so help us in the comments if you know her. Ms. Livingston’s hobbies include playing basketball (she was a high school star at Nicolet High School in Milwaukee), which makes tons of sense given her awesome height. Don’t you just love tall girls? She is also an amateur photographer and author.

In a recent interview she said “My sexuality has nothing to do with my work and what I do in the industry. that I mean, yes, although, I’m open, I never use it as – I’m the lesbian who’s doing X, Y, and Z.” I do think her gay essence informs her fashion style though in a provocative and good way.

Facebook fan pages for AzMarie can be found here and here. You can see in her pictures that she has a provocative look for the new century. Blazing her own trail, she is unafraid to show her tattoos and sports a crew cut. Her look is unique and I think stunning.

She is not “hot” in the classic sense, but is both unique and interesting in a way that stands out in the highly competitive modeling industry. When she puts bright red lipstick on those plump kissable lips, she is the essence of the modern metropolitan girl, unabashed in her sexuality as her androgynous look challenges the viewer to look beyond the normal boundaries of society.

You can see more photos of Raven-Symone’s girlfriend below. We wish AzMarie Livingston great success in her modeling career and hope that her ANTM exposure helps elevate her profile significantly.

Update 8/2013: Yes it all appears to be true. Raven-Symone has been tweeting that she can finally marry the woman of her dreams thanks to the government changing laws in California. We believe that we will soon see an AzMarie Livingston wedding. Still, she is not addressing the rumors directly as she has a long-standing policy that her personal life is nobody’s business but her own.

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