Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren is in the singles market once again. After nearly one year dating businessman Jamie Dingman, they decided to split up. So is she getting back with Tiger? Why did Elin and Jamie split up?

Last year we heard the story about Elin Nordegren moving on with a new man, Jamie Dingman, who luckily does not like golf, but who allegedly once dated Rachel Uchitel- Tiger’s alleged mistress number . . . who knows what number of his 12 mistresses she was.

But while that remained a rumor we did hear Dingman’s former flame was Bridget Moynahan. She is an actress and New England Patriots Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his eldest son. But who is Jamie and how did he met Elin?

Well, Jamie Dingman and Elin met at the the Red Cross Ball in Florida last January. They were introduce by Princess Madeline who is a mutual friend. The first time they were seen sucking face was in Sweden, according to sources close to them after they had been dating for a few months. They were taking things slow, but Elin was very happy that same source added. Jamie was seen in Elin’s SUV in Florida in August.

Here is a little info about Mr. Dingman. He is one of three sons of Mrs. Elizabeth Tharp Dingman and Michael Dingman. His siblings are David and Patrick. In case you are wondering about his father, Michael Dingman is a wealthy philanthropist and businessman who is the president of Shipston Group Ltd.

Jamie left college and hit Wall Street, soon making a name of his own as Wheelabrator-Frye Inc., Signal Companies’ chairman and chief executive officer. He also served as chairman for Allied Signal Inc and Henley Group Inc, but wait I am not done. Dingman also did an amazing job at Time Inc, Ford Motors, Teekay Shipping Corp, Time Warner Inc, Mellon Bank Corp., Temple Industries Inc., Temple-Inland Inc., Continental Telephone Co. and if that is not enough he is highly involved in his father’s China based Shipston Group Ltd. as well as the one in Nassau in the Bahamas.

Rumors about a possible split between Elin and Jamie Dingman were reported earlier this week. Nobody could confirm whether it was true or not, but today People Magazine published the news confirming their break-up.

Elin and Jamie decided to split up in January. They are still friends and care for each other. A friend close to her said that Elin needs more time to commit to a serious relationship.

“She says Jamie’s a great guy – and they’re still friends – but I think it was just too early [after the divorce] for her to get serious with anyone,”

So Elin is single again, but I pretty much doubt she would consider dating anyone at this moment. For all that I know she is busy taking care of her children, Charlie and Sam, as well as looking over the construction of her home in Florida. And let’s not forget she is also pursuing her psychology degree.

Photos: Jamie Dingman