Where is Nick Stahl? His wife Rose Murphy-Stahl reports that the Terminator 3 and Chameleon actor has been missing for one week from his Los Angeles home and she is very concerned for his safety. The couple are living separately but she apparently keeps in close contact with him because of their daughter. It turns out that that Rick Stahl is in rehab.

Photo: Rose Murphy-Stahl with Nick

She has good reason to be worried based on her past experiences that have been widely reported in the media. Rose Murphy separated from her husband some months ago and has been active in court trying to limit his visitation rights with their child. She has a 2-year old daughter with the Hollywood star named Marlo Murphy Stahl. The couple are not divorced yet but she is seeking full legal custody of the baby and healthy child support payments.

The court filings back then painted a troubled picture of the actor. She asked that the actor submit to drug screening as part of the visitation order, implying that she knows he is on drugs. Read the earlier reports here.

And in the new report to police which claims Stahl is missing, she stated that she last saw her husband on May 9th, which was Wednesday last week. Celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting on the story which you can read here. They have talked to people who claim that the actor has returned to drugs and is known to frequent skid row in LA where he can buy drugs cheaply.

That gives Rose Murphy good reason to be concerned. She may already be worried that her estranged husband is dead. We hope instead that he is just tired of hearing from the world and is missing by choice, or is in rehab. Divorce proceedings can be very difficult especially when they are contentiously fought in court and the eye of public opinion. It can be no fun for a Hollywood star like Nick Stahl to have his family life opened like a book by the media.

We cannot find any mention of her missing husband on Rose’s Twitter page which you can follow here or her Facebook page here for any updates. She also has an old MySpace page here but naturally it hasn’t been updated since the time people used that dinosaur but you can still admire Rose Murphy’s photos showing her cool tattoos there, and listen to her music videos. Rose is a singer and is originally from Austin, Texas.


Update 5/19/12: Rose just tweeted that he may have been found. “I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support. So I will share that there is a new solid lead that Nick is possibly ok.”

Update 5/21/12: We can confirm that Nick has checked into a rehab facility so he is hopefully getting the help that he needs for drug addiction.

Update 12/28/2012: When it rains it pours. Rose Murphy’s husband was arrested for leud conduct in an adult sex shop today. You know what that means. Ick! More here.


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