Is ‘The Bachelorette’ rigged? Yes says the family of the latest villain on the show, Kalon McMahon. He was one of the dashing young men who has been cast by producers to see who will marry Emily Maynard [before calling her baby “baggage” — see update]. But his character’s persona is embellished according to published reports in a tabloid magazine that has a reputation for getting stories right often.

Photo: Kalon McMahon

The current Bachelorette scandal was purportedly “exposed” by the National Enquirer in the latest issue which will hit the newsstands on May 16th. In it we read their investigative journalism which they say includes interviews with Joelle Rogers who is Kalon McMahon’s grandmother.

She says that Kalon was recruited by the shows producers to act a part on the show even though he has no intentions of marrying her if asked. Granny also says that his resume is embellished. Rather than that wealthy individual who might be Emily’s dream boy, Kalon is a poor lad according to her.

The newspaper claims that contestant Travis Pope is also a fictional part of the alleged rigging scheme, and says that Indy driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. was recruited (perhaps unwittingly) to fill a roll in the script because the Bachelorette is a single mom who lost her husband, a former driver himself. You can read their reporting for yourselves here and make up your own minds. We are not passing judgment.

According to his profile, Kalon McMahon is a “luxury brand consultant” from Dallas, Texas, and a former playboy ladies man. Read more here. In a crass display of wealth and fortune he flew on to the set to meet Emily in a helicopter. Granny says that is all a put-on that is part of the script.

Apparently playing his character well, Kalon introduces himself on the first episode this way: “I’m a young, fun, good-looking guy with a few dollars in my pocket. I can wine, I can dine. I am the modern southern gentleman.”

Nice. By the way he is 26 years old and his full name is Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon, so he even has a wonderfully pretentious name that is only lacking a royal title like Duke of Windsor, or a paternal identifier like IV. Kalon graduated from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and is an aspiring model in addition to being the super-rich-luxury-brand-guy portrayed on the show.

Our research tells us there are no Kalon McMahon’s on Facebook in the world, so we think he should spend a few bucks and get a computer. Just kidding, because we do know that he apparently has a Google+ page with 8 friends associated with it.

He is mentioned on a modeling site here. On it you can see that he knows how to handle a croquette mallet and pose stoically with a woman in a yellow dress. Clearly he is a studly guy at 6’2″ and with his green eyes (but aren’t they blue?) and wavy brown hair he is real enough for any woman. And he is kind of cute after all.

We looked exhaustively for any mentions of a Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon in Google prior to 2012 that do not mention the show, and came up empty except for this one modeling agency. Clearly for a rich playboy socialite who flies in helicopters, Kalon has kept a low profile indeed. We can confirm that he certainly does exist as a human being. He has an old blogspot blog over here and we know that he occasionally wrote articles for his campus newsletter at SMU like this one.

That’s what we hear so tell us what you think about Kalon on a scale of 1 to 10 for guy hotness, but answer this question first. Do you really think that the ‘The Bachelorette’ is rigged?


Update: Reality TV coverage is rife with stories of Kalon “lying” to Emily during the show. We are shock, shock, shocked to find acting in this establishment. You can read the latest here.

Update 6/12/2012: Well he’s done it this time. Kalon called Emily’s baby “baggage” and she went into a dramatic huff never before seen on network television. Seemed an excuse to finally get him off the show since the contestants are thinning out.


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