Poor Cheryl Burke had a little wardrobe malfunction on last night’s performance of Dancing with the Stars along with her ultra hot partner, William Levy. But Cheryl is a professional so even though some suspicious thing was hanging from one side of her breast the show must go on! What the heck was that anyway?

Cheryl Burke and William Levy got a perfect score on their Samba last night when they dance to Sergio Mendes’ Magalenha. For the guys the best was watching Cheryl sexing up the dance floor with her exotic curves and for us girls the best was when William got to shake his bom-bom in those tight white pants. Elizabeth Gutierrez is for sure a very lucky lady.

But as Cheryl and William moved all over the dance floor something came out of her dress. Oh it was not her breast, but the padding on her breast that make her cleavage look fantastic. I don’t why she uses it. She doesn’t need it because she is fabulous but as we were telling you that thing came out of her dress and the worst part was that it didn’t fall on the floor but stayed there hanging on one side. I gotta say it was distracting not to mention that I felt like I was the one with that thing hanging loose.

Cheryl didn’t pay attention and she continue to dance beautifully and well, they received 30 points, just like Maria and Derek who like them got 30 points for their Argentine tango. Probably you are wondering what did the judges said? Well Bruno was all about William’s hips, Carrie Ann gave her thumbs up for their performance and so did Len. But who could not help but mention to Cheryl that “Everything came out to party!?” It was host Tom Bergeron.

OK! No more talking. Check for yourself the great performance by Cheryl and William Levy that includes that little
malfunction moment but best of all Levy’s bombastic moves!! And yes I am dying to hear you commenting on that!!! Don’t be shy!!

Photos: Dancing With the Stars Wardrobe Malfunction

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