A young woman was left crying over the death of her boyfriend and father of her 1 year-old daughter. The little girl would never get to meet her father, University of Idaho football player Ken McRoyal.

Photo: Latrise Williams

It is uncertain why did Ken McRoyal was shot death at a California party, but probably he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, a terrible misfortune that cost him his young life, leaving a little girl without her daddy and a beautiful, young woman without her man. Latrese Williams gave a tearful statement about McRoyal.

“He just wanted to be a good dad. He wanted a connection with his daughter,”

22 year-old Ken McRoyal was with a friend at a birthday party at the Brewery Lofts in Lincoln Heights where he was shot in the chest while a second man was shot in the arm. Ken was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police don’t even know if he was the real target. The young student at the University of Idaho was in Los Angeles visiting his one year-old daughter Koi and girlfriend Latrese Williams. On Friday he posted a message on Facebook where he said he was going back to California to visit his daughter.

Police are still looking for the shooter who left the scene before police got there as did all the guests at the flat. The only people left were Ken and a friend who was found sobbing while applying pressure of his chest.

This is a great loss to all of his family, his parents, siblings, cousins, friends and certainly to his beloved girlfriend Latrese Williams and his baby daughter, our prayers are with you. Dear friends feel free to leave your condolences or messages to Ms. Williams and her little girl, I know every word helps her overcome this terrible tragedy.