Aww. Everyone loves a Hollywood baby story and the stars have been reproducing like rabbits lately. Jocelyn Towne is the latest actress to give birth for which we can all stand up and cheer her good news. She is perhaps better known as Simon Helberg’s wife but she is an actor and director in her own right.

Photo: Jocelyn Towne

The big news occurred on May 14th, 2012 in Los Angeles. She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Adeline whose height and weight and at this point unknown. This is her first child and his as well. Refreshingly they do not have one of those complicated Hollywood families with divorces and remarriages assaulting our readers’ senses like candy falling from a pinata.

Biography: Jocelyn Towne is a native Californian which is fairly unusual for Hollywood people who usually come to southern California in their beat up cars with nothing but hope in their purses. She grew up in the hip coastal town of Santa Monica which is just a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles, graduating from the expensive private Crossroads school.

There she studied dance and aspired to be a professional dancer, attending the prestigious Alvin Ailey dance school in New York for a brief time, but switched to acting and returned to Los Angeles where she graduated from a 2-year acting program. You can read more about her early experience here.

She is a smarty pants who got terrific grades. Jocelyn eventually went north for college where she graduated from the elite University of California in Berkeley, the elite school for eggheads who are smarter than the rest of us.

Jocelyn’s filmography profile is extensive although mostly under the radar. She has played character rolls and bit parts in several movies including Burning Heart, Havoc and more recently The Loop. She has also appeared in television rolls like the Gillmore Girls among others.

What Jocelyn really wants to do is be a director and to this end her very first movie is almost ready for a release later this year in 2012. The name of the film is “I am I,” which she not only directed but also wrote and is starring in. Good luck with the movie because this would be a huge break in the experienced actresses career although it needs a better title in my opinion.

She is now 31 years old. They dated for several years before finally tying he knot in 2007 so they have had plenty of time to plan a family together. Part of that planning included purchasing a huge estate recently from Charlie Sheen of all people. The home is located in a posh suburb of Los Angeles. It is a 4,200 square feet of Hollywood space that cost almost three million dollars. That is big enough for 2-4 homes for the rest of us normal people.

Joanne’s Twitter page can be found here but thus far she has not posted any baby photos or other news. In fact she has not posted any news at all in the past two weeks even though she is a frequent tweeter. Putting two and two together, she was probably having a miserable time in the last two weeks of her pregnancy just like all new moms.

Jocelyn Towne’s Facebook page is located right here which shows a hilarious photo acting the part of her new directing life. There is no question that Jocelyn is very funny and must be tons of fun for secure men like Simon to have around the house. Just watch the video below the photo gallery of Simon Helberg’s wife talking about sex and you will surely agree.

Photo: Jocelyn Towne

Video: Jocelyn Towne discusses men