It is every woman’s dream day but for one woman her wedding turned into the ultimate nightmare. The beautiful Estrella Carrera of Chicago was found in her bathtub early Monday morning, still wearing the wedding dress she was married in two days earlier. Watch the video report below.

Photo: Estrella Carrera

Update: The name of Estrella’s husband is Arnoldo Jimenez. He is reportedly missing and may have fled the scene, while a warrant has been issued by Chicago police for his arrest for questioning in the murder. He is originally from Texas but currently living in southeast Chicago. You can see his picture below and read the breaking news story here.

Biography: Estrella Carrera was married on May 11th, 2012. She resided in one of Chicago’s old neighborhoods, the Burbank area on South Rutherford Avenue, which is in the southwest side of Chicago. And you know from the Leroy Brown song that is the baddest part of town. She had just moved into the neighborhood two months ago.

She has two children, the youngest of which is only 2-years old. She married the father on Friday while the eldest child, a daughter who is 9 years old, was fathered by another man. She told nobody about the wedding so her friends and even her family were in the dark when she told them about it the next day.

Estrella’s favorite band is Las Voces del Rancho, which is a band with two men in cowboy hats whose sound is a lot like a Mariachi band. She was just 26 years old at the time of her passing. She had been stabbed multiple times in her own bathtub while wearing her wedding dress at 3am Monday. What she was doing in her bridal gown two days later is unknown.

We do not know much about her husband [Arnoldo Jimenez] who we can imagine is obviously a focus of the police investigation out of routine because that is always an avenue to explore. We understand they had seen each other off and on for about three years and is 30-years old. How the couple met and the circumstances surrounding their sudden wedding last week are unknown. They did not have a marriage certificate filed in Chicago.

Police are calling it a violent incident stemming from a “domestic” dispute but who knows what that means and certainly judgments should be reserved until all the facts are known in this case. The husband’s name is [now] known but he has not been charged with a crime.

She speaks Spanish fluently and used that skill to work for a local welfare agency as a Spanish language translator. You can find Estrella’s Facebook page right here and her Myspace page here. That site has a provocative photo of Estrella on webcam showing a beautiful woman with playful eyes for the camera.

This is obviously a terrible tragedy made worse by what is suppose to be the most beautiful moment of her life. To be struck down in your wedding dress is inconceivable. We hope that justice is done in this case, and we sincerely hope that Estrella Carrera’s perpetrator is not her own husband.

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